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<!-- add all items at the top; use the traditional MediaWiki "--[[User:Baylink|Baylink]] 19:58, 5 February 2006 (UTC)" signature for timestamping; no square brackets.
Put your news here!
Use the templates provided: Release, Article, Blog, etc. or create new using them as a guide
{{Release|msg=[http://mythbuntu.org/ Mythbuntu] [http://mythbuntu.org/9.04/release 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope] is [http://mythbuntu.org/downloads available for download].--[[User:Keithamus|Keithamus]] 22:50, 25 Apr 2009 (UTC)}}
{{Release|msg=[http://mythdora.com/ MythDora] [http://mythdora.com/?q=node/3233 v10.21] is [http://www.mythdora.com/?q=download available for download]. MythDora is an easy to install/use, Fedora based MythTV distribution with many desirable additions built-in. New features include the IMDB Bulk Updater, game emulators, the ability to use the LiveCD to boot frontends, and much more. --[[User:Jamyn|Jamyn]] 01:13, 07 Jan 2009 (UTC)}}
There is an archive of [[Old News]].

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Put your news here!