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short installation guide. Is that okay?
short installation guide. Is that okay?
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Vendors Website: http://tven.terratec.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=136&POSTNUKESID=706cbc2364ce8761cc84f39464933300

Support Status: Unknown

Driver: bttv


Single-tuner PCI card.

Issues and Problems

In order to get sound from this card you must unmute the card after startup of mythbackend. You can check this by issuing the command 'v4lctl volume mute off' in a console after startup of mythbackend, then start mythfrontend, watch live TV and check if you have got sound. To do this automaticaly you should add the command 'v4lctl volume mute off' to the general section of the mythbackend setup.

Associated Software

Nothing yet ...

Installation guides

Nothing yet ...


Nothing yet ...

Note that the driver is NOT bttv, it's the SAA7134

User Experiences

If you have this card, speak up! This is a good place to note your experiences - ease of install, what you like, what's not to like, etc.

I have the card working succesfully with mythtv. If I'm at home I'm willing to write a short installation guide. Is that okay?