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|requests-cache || 0.4.10
|requests-cache || 0.4.10
|urllib3 || 1.22
|urllib3 || 1.13.1
If any package is missing or less than the required version, use  
If any package is missing or less than the required version, use  

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MythTV metadata lookup uses thetvdb.com as source for TV show information and artwork. TheTVDB recently created a new json based API called TheTVDB API v2. Support for the old API will end on September 30 2017.

MythTV V0.28 and V29 were updated in August 2017 to support the new API. For metadata lookups on TV shows to continue working, people need to update their systems.

Ubuntu and Mythbuntu Xenial (16.04)

If you installed using Ubuntu or Mythbuntu packages, you can add the ppa and perform an upgrade to get the latest version. The change should be transparent, the new version will work the same as the old.

Ubuntu and Mythbuntu Trusty (14.04)

Trusty does not include all of the dependent packages, so an upgrade may fail. Follow this procedure:

  1. Go to Ubuntu package search https://packages.ubuntu.com/
  2. Search for each of the following packages in ubuntu-xenial: python-future, python-requests, python-requests-cache, python-urllib3
  3. Click on the package name in the web page. At the bottom of the page there are download links for architecture "all". Download the deb file for each package.
  4. Install gdebi-core on your system
  5. Use "sudo gdebi" to install each of the packages you downloaded.
  6. Add the Mythbuntu ppa and perform an upgrade.

Other distributions

Build from git branch fixes/0.28, fixes/29 or master, depending on your version. You will need to add the python packages python-future, python-requests, python-requests-cache, python-urllib3 to your system in order to run the new version.

MythTV 0.27 or earlier

Versions older than 0.28 are not officially supported. MythTV user faginbagin has ported the change to 0.27 in her repository. You can find details in this ticket https://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/13084#comment:69.


If tv metadata is not working after the update you may have out of date version of the python packages. Install python-pip and run
pip list
to get a list of your package versions. Check the versions and make sure you have at least the following:
Package Version
future 0.15.2
requests 2.9.1
requests-cache 0.4.10
urllib3 1.13.1

If any package is missing or less than the required version, use

pip install --upgrade package_name

Some users have reported a missing ~mythtv/.mythtv/cache/tvdb_api directory. If it's missing, create it and make sure user mythtv has write permission on it.