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Thermaltake Bach Media Center


Vendors Website: [1]

Support Status: n/a

Driver: n/a

Other Reviews

X-bit Labs Overclocker Cafe Tom's Hardware


The case is a very nice looking case, that is fairly sturdy. I won't go into specific details about it -- look at the review. However, I will point out some pitfalls that one should be aware of.

My install can be seen on my user page.

Issues and Problems

Full size ATX boards do fit in this case, however you lose the bottom 5 1/4 bay and the 3 1/2 cage as items installed in either of these will hit your board. If you install any harddrives in the rail in front of the fan, you will only have the 1st PCI slot available for full size PCI cards (such as the PVR-500) as the drive will hit the PCI card. This could be corrected by redrilling the mounting holes a little bit farther back, however, I haven't done that yet.

Associated Software


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