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* get a patched lirc from http://brakemeier.de/electronics/vdr/lirc-imon.html
* get a patched lirc from http://brakemeier.de/electronics/vdr/lirc-imon.html
* get the lirc config: http://lircconfig.commandir.com/lircd.conf/?viewremote=46 or use:
* get the lirc config from http://lircconfig.commandir.com or http://lirc.sourceforge.net/remotes/imon
begin remote
  name            iMON-PAD
  bits            32
  eps            30
  aeps            100
  one            0    0
  zero            0    0
  gap            235965
  begin codes
      AppExit        0x288195B7
      Power          0x289115B7
      Record          0x298115B7
      Play            0x2A8115B7
      SlowMotion      0x29B195B7
      Rewind          0x2A8195B7
      Pause          0x2A9115B7
      FastForward    0x2B8115B7
      PrevChapter    0x2B9115B7
      Stop            0x2B9715B7
      NextChapter    0x298195B7
      Esc            0x2BB715B7
      Eject          0x299395B7
      AppLauncher    0x29B715B7
      MultiMon        0x2AB195B7
      TaskSwitcher    0x2A9395B7
      Mute            0x2B9595B7
      Vol+            0x28A395B7
      Vol-            0x28A595B7
      Ch+            0x289395B7
      Ch-            0x288795B7
      Timer          0x2B8395B7
      1              0x28B595B7
      2              0x2BB195B7
      3              0x28B195B7
      4              0x2A8595B7
      5              0x299595B7
      6              0x2AA595B7
      7              0x2B9395B7
      8              0x2A8515B7
      9              0x2AA115B7
      0              0x2BA595B7
      ShiftTab        0x28B515B7
      Tab            0x29A115B7
      MyMovie        0x2B8515B7
      MyMusic        0x299195B7
      MyPhoto        0x2BA115B7
      MyTV            0x28A515B7
      Bookmark        0x288515B7
      Thumbnail      0x2AB715B7
      AspectRatio    0x29A595B7
      FullScreen      0x2AA395B7
      MyDVD          0x29A295B7
      Menu            0x2BA385B7
      Caption        0x298595B7
      Language        0x2B8595B7
      MouseKeyboard  0x299115B7
      SelectSpace    0x2A9315B7
      MouseMenu      0x28B715B7
      MouseRightClick 0x688481B7
      Enter          0x28A195B7
      MouseLeftClick  0x688301B7
      WindowsKey      0x2B8195B7
      Backspace      0x28A115B7
      Up              0x6902F9B7
      Right          0x68C281B7
      Down            0x6882C1B7
      Left            0x6AFA81B7
      Mouse_N        0x690281B7
      Mouse_S        0x688291B7
      Mouse_W        0x6A8281B7
      Mouse_E        0x688A81B7
  end codes
== FAQs ==
== FAQs ==

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Thermaltake Mozart Media Center

AKA: Mozart SX

Vendors Website: [1] [2]

Support Status: n/a

Driver: n/a

Other Reviews

X-bit Labs


A very nice case. Extremely slim (only 8cm) and sylish. Especially the VC7001 with the extra multimedia buttons and the vfd/ir receiver. You can fit everything you need for a multimedia solution in there.

Issues and Problems

Make sure to get the right CPU cooler, because of the limited height. Also the default 80mm fans on the side come with a normal power connector instead of the 3-pin motherboard connector - thus they cant be controlled by the mainboard. Also the recommended cooler is pretty much useless - heavy, downst really cool well and way too loud.

Associated Software


Installation guides


install lcdproc and set in your /etc/LCDd.conf