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Important.png Note: The correct title of this article is It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.

What is

This perl script is intended to perform movie data lookups based on the website


If you're using MythTV 0.21-fixes, does not ship with MythTV, so you will need to download the script (as a non-root user in a normal directory, such as the user's HOME directory). Do so by copying/pasting the following commands directly into a terminal window:

install -d tmdb/MythTV &&
pushd tmdb &&
svn cat > &&
svn cat > MythTV/ &&
chmod 755 ./ ./MythTV/ &&


The MythVideo scripts are typically installed in /usr/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts/ or /usr/local/share/mythtv/scripts/. The following code assumes they are installed in one of those two directories. If not, adjust the SCRIPTDIR as appropriate (and skip the if conditional that tries to set it automatically). To use the code below, copy/paste the following commands directly into the same terminal window you used for downloading the script, above:

if [ -d /usr/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts ]; then
elif [ -d /usr/local/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts ]; then
  echo "Unable to find script directory.  Please install manually."
sudo cp -Rv tmdb/* ${SCRIPTDIR} &&
if [ -e ${SCRIPTDIR}/ ]; then
  echo "Successfully installed script to:"
  echo "  ${SCRIPTDIR}."
  echo "Unable to install script.  Please install manually."

When you're done with the temporary copy made when downloading the scripts, you may delete the tmdb directory:

rm -r tmdb

Configuring MythVideo 0.21-fixes to use

Change the MythVideo settings to use the new script, replacing with and removing tv=no;video=no from the Command to search for movie listings:.

Using the default menu theme, you can find the settings in Utilities/Setup|Setup|Media Settings|Videos Settings|General Settings on page 4/7. After making the changes, the settings should look like:

Command to search for movie listings: /usr/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts/ -M
Command to search for movie posters: /usr/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts/ -P
Command to extract data for movies: /usr/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts/ -D