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You can find my email address at http://www.tomfotherby.com.
Me and my gf are setting up a freeview mythtv box running Ubuntu with backend and frontend together.
=== Our Hardware ===
* Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.4GHz.
* Motherboard: 8TX Pentium 4 processor motherboard (GA-8TX). Intel 850 chipset.
* RAM: 512MB.
* TV card: 1 x Hauppage Nova-T (Connexant chipset) DVB.
* Graphics card: 32MB NVidia GeForce2 MX 200 (64 bit bus) - TV out.
* Hard Disk: 60GB.
=== 1st Attempt - Middle 2005 ===
* Ubuntu Linux (Hoary Hedgehog), kernel 2.6.12 compiled from source.
** MythTV 0.18 (from apt-get)
It works in general, but we still need to learn about the following:
* Unjumbleing the channels and removing duplicates.
* Getting the program guide to correctly relate to channels and provide complete info.
* Getting the IR remote set up
* Getting TV-out working
=== 2nd Attempt - Late 2005 ===
* Ubuntu Linux (Breezy Badger), default Breezy kernel (2.6.14).
** MythTV 0.18 (from apt-get)
With Breezy the Nova-t card works out of the box. Horray, no re-compiling the kernel. However, we're having problems getting TV-Out to work now.

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