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I use as an example the German translation file. Dont forget to use it also for the plugins.

Note that the text shown in the menu screens are not generally located as described below, but are instead defined in XML files, e.g. mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/mainmenu.xml.

Checkout the svn version

svn co

Go to the mythtv/i18n directory. All remaining steps will be done in this directory.

Update translation files

Run lupdate This will ensure that all translatable strings in the source code are included in the .ts file we will work on later.


Translate .ts file, e.g. mythfrontend_de.ts

You can use any editor for this, but it is most convenient to use the tool Linguist included in Qt (on Debian, this is found in the qt3-linguist package).

linguist mythfrontend_de.ts

Compile translation


make install

After restarting the frontend, you can test your translations. If all is OK you can proceed.

Create Diff

svn diff mythfrontend_de.ts > translation.diff

Submit the Patch

Submit the Diff to Oscar, via the URL:

Summary: [PATCH i18n] german translation