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What appears to be the problem?
#redirect [[:Category:Troubleshooting]]
* [[Troubleshooting:Error Messages|Error Messages]]
* [[Troubleshooting:Installation|Installation]]
* [[Troubleshooting:Starting Up|Starting Up]]
* [[Troubleshooting:Using|Using]]
* [[Troubleshooting:Crashing|Crashing]]
* [[Troubleshooting:Performance|Performance]]
* [[Troubleshooting:Upgrading|Upgrading]]
* [[Troubleshooting:General Troubleshooting Tips|General Troubleshooting Tips]]
''Work in progress, please add content as you work through your issues ;)''
My idea here is to provide a path (like a wizard) that other unfortunates can follow to sort out their problems, and would basically provide a path to solutions. I know that many issues cannot be simply resolved and take a lot of guesswork, but hopefully this will grow into something useful. I would encourage you to add to this even if you don't have an answer!!
===At a Minimum:===
* Add pages from existing pages (this page is the root/entrypoint) with a clear condition/choice for the user to check/make
* Provide a description of the problem. If the page is a 'leaf node' (end of path), there should be clear indication
* Provide commands that can be copied and pasted to the command-line
* If there is another 'level' of choices, the pages should start with Troubleshooting: - the code will say <nowiki>[[Troubleshooting:No Power|No Power]]</nowiki>
Enjoy! And remember... what comes around, goes around; pay it forward; etc.
[[Category:Knowledge Base]]

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