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= Tuner Cards =
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The basic important piece of non-standard PC hardware in a [[Myth Box]] is a TV Tuner Card.  This is the board that hooks up to your cable or antenna and decodes and captures the video signal from the channel you want to record.
Tuner Cards currently (Aug 04) come in several types:
* Analog framebuffer cards
These cards are usually based on a [[chipset]] like the [[bttv|Bt848/878]] or Conexant cx38882, and decode broadcast [[NTSC]], [[PAL]], or [[Secam]] television.
* Analog Hardware-MPEG cards
These cards, currently the Hauppauge [[PVR-250]] and [[PVR-350]] and the [[[[A Ver Media]] M-179]], have a video processor onboard which compresses the tuned video signal into an [[MPEG-2]] [[program stream]] before sending it into the computer.  The tends to greatly reduce the load on the entire machine (with certain technical [[caveats]]), and these cards are recommended for.. well for all systems, really, but specifically, for systems with more than one, and especially more than 2 tuner cards.

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