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The basic important piece of non-standard PC hardware in a [[Myth Box]] is a TV Tuner Card.  This is the board that hooks up to your cable or antenna and decodes and captures the video signal from the channel you want to record.
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Tuner Cards currently (Aug 04) come in several types:
* Analog framebuffer cards
These cards are usually based on a [[chipset]] like the [[bttv|Bt848/878]] or Conexant cx38882, and decode broadcast [[NTSC]], [[PAL]], or [[Secam]] television.
* Analog Hardware-MPEG cards
These cards, currently the [[Hauppauge PVR-250]] and [[Hauppauge PVR-350]] and the [[AVerMedia M179]], have a video processor onboard which compresses the tuned video signal into an [[MPEG-2]] [[program stream]] before sending it into the computer.  The tends to greatly reduce the load on the entire machine (with certain technical [[caveats]]), and these cards are recommended for.. well for all systems, really, but specifically, for systems with more than one, and especially more than 2 tuner cards.

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