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m (Combined FreeView and FreeSat HD channel assignment)
m (Combined FreeView and FreeSat HD channel assignment)
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  -- script (you can use the -h option to select an alternative server if not  
  -- script (you can use the -h option to select an alternative server if not  
  -- running locally):
  -- running locally):
  -- $ mysqldump -uroot -pEquin0x mythconverg.channel > 20101128-channel.sql
  -- $ mysqldump -uroot -p mythconverg.channel > 20101128-channel.sql
  -- to restore the backup:
  -- to restore the backup:
  -- mysql -uroot -p --database mythconverg < 20101128-channel.sql
  -- mysql -uroot -p --database mythconverg < 20101128-channel.sql

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It is often preferred by the installer of MythTV to re-arrange the channels numbering, based on what was assigned during the scanning process. As channel scans have to occur regularly to compensate for channel movements and reallocations a script to automate this is preferred.

What follows are three different scripts: a Freeview script which allocates channels to the standard Freeview channel assignments, a FreeSat script that assigns Freesat channels to standard freesat channel number assignments and a combined script (which could be used by freeview or freesat systems as well as combined systems) which allocates numbers in a sky-style manner to three digit channel numbers and into groups by channel genre.

Read all three; some of them have notes to explain why and how they work. The combined Freeview/FreeSat script seems to be more complete and even adds in the xmltv information if you are using xml radio times programme guide feed [[1]].

This is a much faster process than manual reassignment. If everyone contributes their changes back here; where channels have changed this will be a much simpler process for everyone. Each time you rescan for channels you will need to re-run the script - check back here hopefully it has been updated for any recent change and please be aware that when channels move around this script may need changing to prevent two channels wanting the same channel number.

Remember to change the script for your ITV1 regional variation.

A full listing of channels and channel numbers for freeview by region is available from the following official website: http://www.dtg.org.uk/industry/dtt_channels.html

See also Database_editing_script where a template script is provided for other territories.


use mythconverg;
update channel set channum=1 where name='BBC ONE';
update channel set channum=2 where name='BBC TWO';
update channel set channum=3 where name='ITV1';
update channel set channum=4 where name='Channel 4';
update channel set channum=5 where name='Five';
update channel set channum=6 where name='ITV2';
update channel set channum=7 where name='BBC THREE';
update channel set channum=9 where name='BBC FOUR';
update channel set channum=10 where name='ITV3';
update channel set channum=11 where name='SKY THREE';
update channel set channum=12 where name='Yesterday';
update channel set channum=13 where name='Channel 4+1';
update channel set channum=14 where name='More 4';
update channel set channum=15 where name='Film4';
update channel set channum=16 where name='QVC';
update channel set channum=17 where name='G.O.L.D.';
update channel set channum=18 where name='4Music';
update channel set channum=19 where name='Dave';
update channel set channum=20 where name='Virgin1';
update channel set channum=21 where name='TMF';
update channel set channum=22 where name='Ideal World';
update channel set channum=23 where name='bid tv';
update channel set channum=24 where name='ITV4';
update channel set channum=25 where name='Dave ja vu';
update channel set channum=26 where name='UKTV STYLE';
update channel set channum=27 where name='ITV2 +1';
update channel set channum=28 where name='E4';
update channel set channum=29 where name='E4+1';
update channel set channum=30 where name='FIVER';
update channel set channum=31 where name='FIVE USA';
update channel set channum=34 where name='SETANTA SPORTS';
update channel set channum=35 where name='Virgin1+1';
update channel set channum=37 where name='smileTV';
update channel set channum=38 where name='TOPUP Anytime1';
update channel set channum=39 where name='TOPUP Anytime2';
update channel set channum=40 where name='TOPUP Anytime3';
update channel set channum=41 where name='TOPUP Anytime4';
update channel set channum=42 where name='Nuts TV';
update channel set channum=43 where name='Gems TV';
update channel set channum=44 where name='GEMSTV1';
update channel set channum=45 where name='Lottery Xtra';
update channel set channum=46 where name='smileTV2';
update channel set channum=47 where name='QUEST';
update channel set channum=48 where name='SuperCasino';
update channel set channum=49 where name='NETPLAY TV';
update channel set channum=50 where name='PARTYLAND';
update channel set channum=70 where name='CBBC Channel';
update channel set channum=71 where name='CBeebies';
update channel set channum=75 where name='CITV';
update channel set channum=80 where name='BBC NEWS';
update channel set channum=81 where name='BBC Parliament';
update channel set channum=82 where name='Sky News';
update channel set channum=83 where name='Sky Spts News';
update channel set channum=84 where name='CNN';
update channel set channum=87 where name='Community';
update channel set channum=88 where name='Teachers TV';
update channel set channum=97 where name='Television X';
update channel set channum=100 where name='Teletext';
update channel set channum=101 where name='Ttext Holidays';
update channel set channum=102 where name='Rabbit';
update channel set channum=103 where name='TeletextCasino';
update channel set channum=104 where name='1-2-1 Dating';
update channel set channum=105 where name='BBC Red Button';
update channel set channum=106 where name='Directgov';
update channel set channum=108 where name='Sky Text';
update channel set channum=300 where name='4TVinteractive';
update channel set channum=301 where name='301';
update channel set channum=302 where name='302';
update channel set channum=303 where name='303';
update channel set channum=305 where name='305';
update channel set channum=700 where name='BBC Radio 1';
update channel set channum=701 where name='BBC 1Xtra';
update channel set channum=702 where name='BBC Radio 2';
update channel set channum=703 where name='BBC Radio 3';
update channel set channum=704 where name='BBC Radio 4';
update channel set channum=705 where name='BBC R5L';
update channel set channum=706 where name='BBC R5SX';
update channel set channum=707 where name='BBC 6 Music';
update channel set channum=708 where name='BBC Radio 7';
update channel set channum=709 where name='BBC Asian Net.';
update channel set channum=710 where name='BBC World Sv.';
update channel set channum=711 where name='The Hits Radio';
update channel set channum=712 where name='Smash Hits!';
update channel set channum=713 where name='Kiss';
update channel set channum=714 where name='heat';
update channel set channum=715 where name='Magic';
update channel set channum=716 where name='Q';
update channel set channum=718 where name='SMOOTH RADIO';
update channel set channum=721 where name='MOJO';
update channel set channum=722 where name='Kerrang!';
update channel set channum=723 where name='talkSPORT';
update channel set channum=725 where name='Premier Radio';
update channel set channum=727 where name='Absolute Radio';
update channel set channum=728 where name='Heart';


use mythconverg;
update channel SET channum=1 WHERE name='BBC 1 South';
update channel SET channum=2 WHERE name='BBC 2 England';
update channel SET channum=3 WHERE name='ITV1 Meridian S';
update channel SET channum=4 WHERE name='Channel 4';
update channel SET channum=5 WHERE name='Five';
update channel SET channum=6 WHERE name='BBC THREE';
update channel SET channum=7 WHERE name='BBC FOUR';
update channel SET channum=8 WHERE name='ITV2';
update channel SET channum=9 WHERE name='ITV4';
update channel SET channum=10 WHERE name='E4';
update channel SET channum=11 WHERE name='More4';
update channel SET channum=12 WHERE name='e4';
update channel SET channum=13 WHERE name='ITV2+1';
update channel SET channum=14 WHERE name='Channel 4 +1';
update channel SET channum=15 WHERE name='More4 +1';
update channel SET channum=16 WHERE name='EMTV';
update channel SET channum=17 WHERE name='E4+1';
update channel SET channum=18 WHERE name='Men & Motors';
update channel SET channum=19 WHERE name='Nuts TV';
update channel SET channum=20 WHERE name='Nuts TV +1';
update channel SET channum=21 WHERE name='Fight Network';
update channel SET channum=25 WHERE name='CBBC Channel';
update channel SET channum=26 WHERE name='CBeebies';
update channel SET channum=27 WHERE name='CITV';
update channel SET channum=28 WHERE name='Tiny Pop';
update channel SET channum=29 WHERE name='POP';
update channel SET channum=30 WHERE name='Tiny Pop +1';
update channel SET channum=31 WHERE name='PopGirl';
update channel SET channum=32 WHERE name='PopGirl +1';
update channel SET channum=33 WHERE name='Kix!';
update channel SET channum=35 WHERE name='Film4';
update channel SET channum=36 WHERE name='Film4 +1';
update channel SET channum=37 WHERE name='True Movies';
update channel SET channum=38 WHERE name='True Movies 2';
update channel SET channum=39 WHERE name='movies4men';
update channel SET channum=40 WHERE name='movies4men 2';
update channel SET channum=41 WHERE name='mov4men+1';
update channel SET channum=42 WHERE name='mov4men2 +1';
update channel SET channum=43 WHERE name='AIT Movistar';
update channel SET channum=44 WHERE name='World Movies';
update channel SET channum=45 WHERE name='Movies Active';
update channel SET channum=46 WHERE name='Film DAL';
update channel SET channum=47 WHERE name='Film24';
update channel SET channum=50 WHERE name='BBC NEWS';
update channel SET channum=51 WHERE name='BBC PARL\'MNT';
update channel SET channum=52 WHERE name='Sky News';
update channel SET channum=53 WHERE name='ATN';
update channel SET channum=54 WHERE name='sportsXchange';
update channel SET channum=55 WHERE name='CNN';
update channel SET channum=56 WHERE name='EuroNews';
update channel SET channum=57 WHERE name='France 24';
update channel SET channum=58 WHERE name='Channel S NTV';
update channel SET channum=59 WHERE name='CCTV-9';
update channel SET channum=60 WHERE name='PCNE Chinese';
update channel SET channum=61 WHERE name='Russia Today';
update channel SET channum=65 WHERE name='BBC R1';
update channel SET channum=66 WHERE name='BBC R2';
update channel SET channum=67 WHERE name='BBC R3';
update channel SET channum=68 WHERE name='BBC R4 FM';
update channel SET channum=69 WHERE name='BBC R5L';
update channel SET channum=70 WHERE name='BBC 6 Music';
update channel SET channum=71 WHERE name='BBC Radio 7';
update channel SET channum=75 WHERE name='BBC HD';

Combined FreeView and FreeSat HD channel assignment

-- Script to update channel numbers in a combined Freeview & Freesat system in
-- the UK. 
-- This script is based on and inspired by the work of Stephen Robertson 
-- posted by himself on the mythtv-users mailing list: users@mythtv.org
-- for access to the mailing list see http://www.mythtv.org/support

-- Ensure you complete a backup of your channel database table before using
-- script (you can use the -h option to select an alternative server if not 
-- running locally):
-- $ mysqldump -uroot -p mythconverg.channel > 20101128-channel.sql
-- to restore the backup:
-- mysql -uroot -p --database mythconverg < 20101128-channel.sql
-- to run this channel altering script:
-- mysql -uroot -p -h192.168.0.2 --database mythconverg < alter-channels.sql
-- run mythfilldatabase after you have made these changes.

-- Why would you do this:
-- channels which have the same name and callsign are treated as being EXACTLY
-- the same channel by mythtv. To get them to only appear once, we set them as
-- having the same channum as well.

-- for instance Freeview ITV in in fact the regional variation of ITV for the
-- broadcast area; such as Meridian south. On Freesat ITV1 Meridian South is 
-- broadcast alongside ITV1 Grenada and all the other variations. In order for
-- mythtv to know what channels are equal, we disregard all the other regional
-- variations and set Meridian south as having the same name as the freeview
-- channel ITV1. This has two drawbacks; 1. reduces the opportunity for Mythtv
-- to use multi-record if an alternative regional variation is on a multiplexes
-- that would permit a second channel to be recorded. 2. There maybe a 
-- programme broadcast on a regional variation that you would have been 
-- interested in. The benefit is a much easier to manage EPG.

-- How does this script do it
-- move all the channels to numbers well outside the normal range (+100000) to
-- their current number and set them as hidden; we will then go through and
-- assign sensible numbers to those channels we would like to see in the EPG 
-- and at the same time mark those channels visible.

-- moving all the channels out of the way there are only three different 
-- statements in this script; 
-- 1. Correct the naming of channels
-- 2. For all the channels of the same name assign the same channel number 
-- 3. the last statement in this script sets all the BBC channels as not 
--    requiring commercial flagging as they don't carry adverts.

UPDATE channel SET channum = channum+100000, visible=FALSE;

-- Entertainment;
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC One', callsign='BBC One' WHERE name='BBC 1 South';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC One', callsign='BBC One' WHERE name='BBC ONE';
UPDATE channel SET channum=101, visible=1, xmltvid="south.bbc1.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC One'; 
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Two', callsign='BBC Two' WHERE name='BBC 2 England';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Two', callsign='BBC Two' WHERE name='BBC TWO';
UPDATE channel SET channum=102, visible=1, xmltvid="south.bbc2.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC Two';
UPDATE channel SET name='ITV1', callsign='ITV1' WHERE name='ITV1 Meridian S';
UPDATE channel SET channum=103, visible=1, xmltvid="meridian.itv1.itv.co.uk"  WHERE name='ITV1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=104, visible=1, xmltvid="channel4.com" WHERE name='Channel 4';
UPDATE channel SET channum=105, visible=1, xmltvid="channel5.co.uk" WHERE name='Five';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Three', callsign='BBC Three' WHERE name='BBC THREE';
UPDATE channel SET channum=106, visible=1, xmltvid="bbcthree.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC Three';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Four', callsign='BBC Four' WHERE name='BBC FOUR';
UPDATE channel SET channum=107, visible=1, xmltvid="bbcfour.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC Four';
UPDATE channel SET channum=108, visible=1, xmltvid="hd.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC HD';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC One HD', callsign='BBC One HD' WHERE name='BBC1 HD';
UPDATE channel SET channum=109, visible=1, xmltvid="hd.bbc1.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC One HD';
UPDATE channel SET channum=110, visible=1, xmltvid="alba.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC Alba';
UPDATE channel SET channum=111, visible=1, xmltvid="dave.uktv.co.uk" WHERE name='Dave'; 
UPDATE channel SET channum=112, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus1.dave.uktv.co.uk" WHERE name='Dave ja vu'; 
UPDATE channel SET channum=113, visible=1, xmltvid="itv2.itv.co.uk" WHERE name='ITV2';
UPDATE channel SET name='ITV2 +1', callsign='ITV2 +1' WHERE name='ITV2+1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=114, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.itv2.itv.co.uk" WHERE name='ITV2 +1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=115, visible=1, xmltvid="itv3.itv.co.uk" WHERE name='ITV3';
UPDATE channel SET name='ITV3 +1', callsign='ITV3 +1' WHERE name='ITV3+1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=116, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.itv3.itv.co.uk" WHERE name='ITV3 +1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=117, visible=1, xmltvid="itv4.itv.co.uk" WHERE name='ITV4';
UPDATE channel SET name='ITV4 +1', callsign='ITV4 +1' WHERE name='ITV4+1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=118, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.itv4.itv.co.uk" WHERE name='ITV4 +1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=119, visible=1, xmltvid="itv4.itv.co.uk" WHERE name='ITV1 HD';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=120 WHERE name='S4C Digidol';
UPDATE channel SET name='Channel4 +1', callsign='Channel4 +1' WHERE name='Channel 4 +1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=121, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.channel4.com" WHERE name='Channel 4 +1';
UPDATE channel SET name='E4', callsign='E4' WHERE name='e4';
UPDATE channel SET channum=122, visible=1, xmltvid="e4.channel4.com" WHERE name='E4';
UPDATE channel SET name='E4 +1', callsign='E4 +1' WHERE name='E4+1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=123, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.e4.channel4.com" WHERE name='E4+1';
UPDATE channel SET name='More4', callsign='More4' WHERE name='More 4';
UPDATE channel SET channum=124, visible=1, xmltvid="more4.channel4.com" WHERE name='More4';
UPDATE channel SET channum=125, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.more4.channel4.com" WHERE name='More4 +1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=126, visible=1, xmltvid="freeview.1.virginmedia.com" WHERE name='Channel One'; 
UPDATE channel SET name='Quest', callsign='Quest' WHERE name='QUEST';
UPDATE channel SET channum=128, visible=1, xmltvid="freeview.quest.discoveryeurope.com" WHERE name='Quest'; 
UPDATE channel SET channum=129, visible=1, xmltvid="yesterday.uktv.co.uk" WHERE name='Yesterday'; 
UPDATE channel SET channum=130, visible=1, xmltvid="gold.uktv.co.uk" WHERE name='G.O.L.D.'; 
UPDATE channel SET name='Sky3', callsign='Sky3' WHERE name='SKY THREE';
UPDATE channel SET channum=131, visible=1, xmltvid="sky-three.sky.com" WHERE name='Sky3';  
UPDATE channel SET channum=132, visible=1, xmltvid="fiver.channel5.co.uk" WHERE name='Fiver'; 
UPDATE channel SET channum=133, visible=1, xmltvid="fiveusa.channel5.co.uk" WHERE name='Five USA'; 
UPDATE channel SET channum=134, visible=1, xmltvid="drama.cbs.com" WHERE name='CBS Drama';
UPDATE channel SET channum=135, visible=1, xmltvid="reality.cbs.com" WHERE name='CBS Reality';
UPDATE channel SET name='CBS Reality +1', callsign='CBS Reality +1' WHERE name='CBS Reality+1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=136, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.reality.cbs.com" WHERE name='CBS Reality +1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=137, visible=1, xmltvid="action.cbs.com" WHERE name='CBS Action';
UPDATE channel SET name='Horror Channel', callsign='Horror Channel' WHERE name='Horror Channel';
UPDATE channel SET channum=138, visible=1, xmltvid="horror.cbs.com" WHERE name='Horror Channel';
UPDATE channel SET name='Horror Channel +1', callsign='Horror Channel +1' WHERE name='Horror Ch+1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=139, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.horror.cbs.com" WHERE name='Horror Channel +1';

-- News and Sport
UPDATE channel SET channum=200, visible=1, xmltvid="news.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC News';
UPDATE channel SET channum=201, visible=1, xmltvid="parliament.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC Parliament';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=202, visible=1, xmltvid="2.s4c.co.uk" WHERE name='S4C2';
UPDATE channel SET name='Al Jazeera English', callsign='Al Jazeera English' WHERE name='Al Jazeera Eng';
UPDATE channel SET channum=203, visible=1, xmltvid="freeview.aljazeera.net" WHERE name='Al Jazeera English';
UPDATE channel SET channum=204, visible=1, xmltvid="euronews.com" WHERE name='EuroNews';
UPDATE channel SET name='CNN International', callsign='CNN International' WHERE name='CNN';
UPDATE channel SET channum=207, visible=1, xmltvid="freeview.europe.cnn.com" WHERE name='CNN International';
UPDATE channel SET name='Bloomberg Television', callsign='Bloomberg Television' WHERE name='Bloomberg';
UPDATE channel SET channum=208, visible=1, xmltvid="bloomberg.com" WHERE name='Bloomberg Television';
UPDATE channel SET channum=209, visible=1, xmltvid="world.nhk.or.jp" WHERE name='NHK World TV';
UPDATE channel SET channum=210, visible=1, xmltvid="europe.cnbc.com" WHERE name='CNBC';
UPDATE channel SET channum=211, visible=1, xmltvid="sky-news.sky.com" WHERE name='Sky News'; 

-- Movies;
UPDATE channel SET channum=300, visible=1, xmltvid="filmfour.channel4.com" WHERE name='Film4';
UPDATE channel SET channum=301, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.filmfour.channel4.com" WHERE name='Film4 +1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=302, visible=1, xmltvid="1.truemovies.tv" WHERE name='True Movies';
UPDATE channel SET channum=303, visible=1, xmltvid="2.truemovies.tv" WHERE name='True Movies 2';
UPDATE channel SET channum=304, visible=1, xmltvid="1.movies4men.co.uk" WHERE name='Movies4Men';
UPDATE channel SET channum=306, visible=1, xmltvid="2.movies4men.co.uk" WHERE name='Movies4Men 2';
UPDATE channel SET name='Movies4Men 2 +1', callsign='Movies4Men 2 +1' WHERE name='mov4men2 +1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=307, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.2.movies4men.co.uk" WHERE name='Movies4Men 2 +1';

-- Lifestyle;
#UPDATE channel SET channum=400, visible=1, xmltvid="weddingtv.com" WHERE name='Wedding TV';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=401, visible=1 WHERE name='Wedding TV Asia';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=402, visible=1, xmltvid="showcase.information.tv" WHERE name='Information TV';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=403, visible=1 WHERE name='Rural TV';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=405, visible=1, xmltvid="foodnetwork.com" WHERE name='Food Network';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=406, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.foodnetwork.com" WHERE name='Food Netwrk +1';

-- Music;
UPDATE channel SET channum=500, visible=1, xmltvid="chartshow.com" WHERE name='Chart Show TV';
UPDATE channel SET channum=501, visible=1, xmltvid="" WHERE name='The Vault';
UPDATE channel SET channum=502, visible=1, xmltvid="essentialflava.com" WHERE name='Flava';
UPDATE channel SET channum=503, visible=1, xmltvid="uk.viva.tv" WHERE name='VIVA';
UPDATE channel SET channum=504, visible=1, xmltvid="b4utv.com" WHERE name='B4U Music';
UPDATE channel SET channum=505, visible=1, xmltvid="4music.channel4.com" WHERE name='4Music';
UPDATE channel SET channum=509, visible=1 WHERE name='Zing';
UPDATE channel SET channum=514, visible=1 WHERE name='Clubland TV';
UPDATE channel SET channum=515, visible=1 WHERE name='NME TV';
UPDATE channel SET channum=516, visible=1, xmltvid="scuzz.tv" WHERE name='Scuzz';
UPDATE channel SET channum=517, visible=1, xmltvid="bliss.co.uk" WHERE name='Bliss';

-- Children;
UPDATE channel SET name='CBBC', callsign='CBBC' WHERE name='CBBC Channel';
UPDATE channel SET channum=600, visible=1, xmltvid="cbbc.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='CBBC';
UPDATE channel SET channum=601, visible=1, xmltvid="cbeebies.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='CBeebies';
UPDATE channel SET channum=602, visible=1, xmltvid="citv.itv.co.uk" WHERE name='CITV';
UPDATE channel SET channum=603, visible=1, xmltvid="popfun.co.uk" WHERE name='POP';
UPDATE channel SET channum=604, visible=1, xmltvid="tinypop.com" WHERE name='Tiny Pop';
UPDATE channel SET channum=605, visible=1, xmltvid="tsod.plus-1.tinypop.com" WHERE name='Tiny Pop +1';
UPDATE channel SET channum=606, visible=1 WHERE name='Kix!';
UPDATE channel SET channum=607, visible=1 WHERE name='PopGirl';
UPDATE channel SET channum=607, visible=1 WHERE name='PopGirl +1';
UPDATE channel SET name='Jazeera Children', callsign='Jazeera Children' WHERE name='JazeeraChildren';
UPDATE channel SET channum=610, visible=1 WHERE name='Jazeera Children';

-- Special Interest;
UPDATE channel SET channum=690, visible=1 WHERE name='Inspiration';
UPDATE channel SET channum=691, visible=1 WHERE name='Daystar TV';

-- Radio;
UPDATE channel SET channum=700, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC Radio 1';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Radio 1Xtra', callsign='BBC Radio 1Xtra' WHERE name='BBC 1Xtra';
UPDATE channel SET channum=701, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC Radio 1Xtra';
UPDATE channel SET channum=702, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC Radio 2';
UPDATE channel SET channum=703, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC Radio 3';
UPDATE channel SET channum=704, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC Radio 4';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Radio 5 Live', callsign='BBC Radio 5 Live' WHERE name='BBC R5L';
UPDATE channel SET channum=705, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC Radio 5 Live';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra', callsign='BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra' WHERE name='BBC R5SX';
UPDATE channel SET channum=706, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra';
UPDATE channel SET channum=707, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC 6 Music';
UPDATE channel SET channum=708, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC Radio 7';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Asian Network', callsign='BBC Asian Network' WHERE name='BBC Asian Net.';
UPDATE channel SET channum=709, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC Asian Network';
UPDATE channel SET channum=710, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC Radio 4 LW';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC World Service', callsign='BBC World Service' WHERE name='BBC World Sv.';
UPDATE channel SET channum=711, visible=1 WHERE name='BBC World Service';
UPDATE channel SET channum=720, visible=1 WHERE name='Choice FM';
UPDATE channel SET channum=721, visible=1 WHERE name='Classic FM';
UPDATE channel SET channum=722, visible=1 WHERE name='Gold';
UPDATE channel SET channum=723, visible=1 WHERE name='Xfm London';
UPDATE channel SET channum=724, visible=1 WHERE name='Absolute Radio';
UPDATE channel SET name='Absolute Classic Rock', callsign='Absolute Classic Rock' WHERE name='absolute CR';
UPDATE channel SET channum=725, visible=1 WHERE name='Absolute Classic Rock';
UPDATE channel SET name='Absolute 80s', callsign='Absolute 80s' WHERE name='absolute80s';
UPDATE channel SET channum=726, visible=1 WHERE name='Absolute 80s';
UPDATE channel SET name='NME Radio', callsign='NME Radio' WHERE name='NME';
UPDATE channel SET channum=727, visible=1 WHERE name='NME Radio';
UPDATE channel SET name='WRN Radio', callsign='WRN Radio' WHERE name='WRN europe';
UPDATE channel SET channum=728, visible=1 WHERE name='WRN Radio';
UPDATE channel SET channum=729, visible=1 WHERE name='Jazz FM';
UPDATE channel SET channum=730, visible=1 WHERE name='Planet Rock';
UPDATE channel SET channum=731, visible=1 WHERE name='Talksport';
UPDATE channel SET channum=732, visible=1 WHERE name='Q';
UPDATE channel SET channum=733, visible=1 WHERE name='Magic';
UPDATE channel SET channum=734, visible=1 WHERE name='The Hits Radio';
UPDATE channel SET channum=735, visible=1 WHERE name='Smooth Radio';
UPDATE channel SET channum=736, visible=1 WHERE name='Kerrang!';
UPDATE channel SET channum=737, visible=1 WHERE name='heat';
UPDATE channel SET channum=738, visible=1 WHERE name='Kiss';
UPDATE channel SET channum=738, visible=1 WHERE name='Heart';
UPDATE channel SET channum=738, visible=1 WHERE name='Smash Hits!';
UPDATE channel SET channum=750, visible=1 WHERE name='RTE Radio 1';
UPDATE channel SET name='Insight Radio', callsign='Insight Radio' WHERE name='insightradio';
UPDATE channel SET channum=777, visible=1 WHERE name='Insight Radio';
UPDATE channel SET channum=786, visible=1 WHERE name='BFBS Radio';
UPDATE channel SET channum=790, visible=1 WHERE name='TWR';

-- Shopping;
UPDATE channel SET channum=800, visible=1, xmltvid="qvcuk.com" WHERE name='QVC';
UPDATE channel SET channum=801, visible=1, xmltvid="price-drop.tv" WHERE name='price-drop tv';
UPDATE channel SET channum=802, visible=1, xmltvid="bid.tv" WHERE name='bid tv';
UPDATE channel SET channum=803, visible=1 WHERE name='Pitch TV';
UPDATE channel SET channum=804, visible=1, xmltvid="gemstv.co.uk" WHERE name='Gems TV';
UPDATE channel SET channum=805, visible=1 WHERE name='TV Shop';
UPDATE channel SET channum=806, visible=1 WHERE name='JML Home & DIY';
UPDATE channel SET channum=807, visible=1 WHERE name='JML Choice';
UPDATE channel SET channum=808, visible=1 WHERE name='JML Direct';
UPDATE channel SET channum=809, visible=1 WHERE name='JML Cookshop';
UPDATE channel SET channum=810, visible=1 WHERE name='Thane Direct';
UPDATE channel SET channum=812, visible=1, xmltvid="idealworld.tv" WHERE name='Ideal World';
UPDATE channel SET channum=813, visible=1 WHERE name='Create & Craft';
UPDATE channel SET name='Speed Auction TV', callsign='Speed Auction TV' WHERE name='speedauctiontv';
UPDATE channel SET channum=814, visible=1 WHERE name='Speed Auction TV';
UPDATE channel SET name='The Jewellery Channel', callsign='The Jewellery Channel' WHERE name='Jewellery ch.';
UPDATE channel SET channum=815, visible=1 WHERE name='The Jewellery Channel';

-- Gaming and Dating;

-- Adult;
#UPDATE channel SET name='Babestation', callsign='Babestation' WHERE name='ADULT Babestn';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=870, visible=1 WHERE name='Babestation';
#UPDATE channel SET name='SmileTV2', callsign='SmileTV2' WHERE name='ADULT smileTV2';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=872, visible=1 WHERE name='SmileTV2';
#UPDATE channel SET name='SmileTV3', callsign='SmileTV3' WHERE name='ADULT smileTV3';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=873, visible=1 WHERE name='SmileTV3';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=874, visible=1 WHERE name='Television X';
#UPDATE channel SET name='PARTY', callsign='PARTY' WHERE name='ADULT PARTY';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=875, visible=1 WHERE name='PARTY';
#UPDATE channel SET name='TMTV', callsign='TMTV' WHERE name='ADULT TMTV';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=876, visible=1 WHERE name='TMTV';
#UPDATE channel SET name='Filth', callsign='Filth' WHERE name='ADULT Filth';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=877, visible=1 WHERE name='Filth';
#UPDATE channel SET name='Bluekiss', callsign='Bluekiss' WHERE name='ADULT Bluekiss';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=878, visible=1 WHERE name='Bluekiss';
#UPDATE channel SET name='Redhot TV', callsign='Redhot TV' WHERE name='ADULT redhotTv';
#UPDATE channel SET channum=879, visible=1 WHERE name='Redhot TV';

-- Testing;
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Sport Interactive', callsign='BBC Sport Interactive' WHERE name='BBC Red Button';
UPDATE channel SET channum=900, xmltvid="interactive.sport.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC Sport Interactive';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Sport Interactive: BBC1', callsign='BBC Sport Interactive: BBC1' WHERE name='301';
UPDATE channel SET channum=901, xmltvid="bbc1.interactive.sport.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='301';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Sport Interactive: BBC2', callsign='BBC Sport Interactive: BBC2' WHERE name='302';
UPDATE channel SET channum=902, xmltvid="bbc2.interactive.sport.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC Sport Interactive: BBC2';
UPDATE channel SET name='BBC Sport Interactive: BBC3', callsign='BBC Sport Interactive: BBC3' WHERE name='303';
UPDATE channel SET channum=903, xmltvid="bbc3.interactive.sport.bbc.co.uk" WHERE name='BBC Sport Interactive: BBC3';
UPDATE channel SET channum=904 WHERE name='Home';

-- Mark BBC channals as addfree and not requiring commercial flagging.
UPDATE channel set commmethod=-2 WHERE name LIKE '%BBC%' OR name = 'CBeebies';