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Prior version of this page with out of date but potentially useful scripts: UK Channel Assignments page version 64773


Channel scans result in lists that are unrecognisable by the general public. In the UK Freeview, Freesat, Sky etc have well defined channel lists. The goal of this article is to provide strategies and scripts to build effective channel lists in the UK.

The strategy used is to move all the channels found in a scan to a very high number starting at 100,000 and setting them all invisible. Then we run through the list and depending on attributes like name or serviceid move the channel into place with a normal channum in our EPG and set it visible.

General script usage

The scripts provided here are SQL scripts which can be played into the database through the command line. Once you have done a channel scan then shutdown the mythtv backend. Backup the database first and then run the desired script against the database. These scripts can also be copy and pasted directly into the MySQL/MariaDB command line client.

This is an example of connecting to the mythconverg database as the mythtv user. You will be prompted for a password. You could instead use the root account or any other account with the rights to the database..

$ mysql -u mythtv -p --database mythconverg < sql_script.sql 

Standard lists


Status as of 1 Sep 2019

  • "Other" channels found by call sign - checked against DB after a scan, needs EPG verification
    • I've got two CBS channels showing no guide data
  • BBC regions completed
  • Channel 4 has several sids
  • Needs final double check and then moving to maintenance

Freesat updates:

Scan parameters:

Parameter DVBS DVBS2
Frequency 10,714,000 10,847,000
Polarity Horizontal Vertical
Symbol Rate 22,000,000 23,000,000
Mod Sys DVB-S DVB-S2
FEC 5/6 3/4
Modulation QPSK 8PSK
Inversion Auto Auto
Rolloff 0.35 0.35

Not all channels transmit 24x7 so depending on when you scan, you may miss say BBC Four. Scan after 2100 for best results - this is not a hard and fast rule!

(Work In Progress) This: seems to give us serviceids for ITV regions. That page is from the Internet Archive and will bit rot with time.

-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- freesat-channels.sql
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- References:
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Some channels do not transmit 24x7 eg BBC Four and may not appear in a scan
-- see the Freesat channel list for times of availability
-- Callsigns and names may differ so check your channels table for what was actually scanned
-- Find some entries in the channel table:
-- SELECT channum,callsign,name,mplexid,serviceid FROM channel WHERE name LIKE '%BBC%';
-- Show all entries in the table, in numeric order:
-- SELECT channum,callsign,name,mplexid,serviceid FROM channel ORDER BY CAST(channum AS unsigned);
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Todo:
-- Verify from "Radio" section onwards against the DB
-- Make more use of serviceid to get regional variants of Channel 4 etc in the correct place
-- Additional channels after "official" list
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-- This is the mythtv database
use mythconverg;

-- Move all channels to a high number and hide them
UPDATE channel SET channum = channum+100000, visible=FALSE;

-- Move channels into correct Freesat EPG position and set visible
-- Local regional channels are set near the end of this script.  

-- Entertainment
update channel SET channum=104, visible=1 WHERE name='Channel 4';
update channel SET channum=105, visible=1 WHERE name='Channel 5 HD';
update channel SET channum=107, visible=1, name='BBC Four HD'     WHERE serviceid='8931';
update channel SET channum=108, visible=1, name='BBC Scotland HD' WHERE serviceid='8924';
update channel SET channum=109, visible=1, name='BBC ALBA'        WHERE serviceid='6423';
update channel SET channum=113, visible=1 WHERE name='ITV2';
update channel SET channum=114, visible=1 WHERE name='ITV2+1';
update channel SET channum=115, visible=1 WHERE name='ITV3';
update channel SET channum=116, visible=1 WHERE name='ITV3+1';
update channel SET channum=117, visible=1 WHERE name='ITV4';
update channel SET channum=118, visible=1 WHERE name='ITVBe';
update channel SET channum=119, visible=1 WHERE name='ITVBe+1';
update channel SET channum=120, visible=1 WHERE name='S4C HD';
update channel SET channum=121, visible=1 WHERE name='Channel 4+1';
update channel SET channum=122, visible=1 WHERE name='E4';
update channel SET channum=123, visible=1 WHERE name='E4+1';
update channel SET channum=124, visible=1 WHERE name='More4';
update channel SET channum=125, visible=1 WHERE name='More4+1';
update channel SET channum=127, visible=1 WHERE name='4seven';
update channel SET channum=128, visible=1 WHERE name='Channel 5+1';
update channel SET channum=129, visible=1 WHERE name='5 USA';
update channel SET channum=130, visible=1 WHERE name='5USA+1';
update channel SET channum=131, visible=1 WHERE name='5STAR';
update channel SET channum=132, visible=1 WHERE name='Paramount';
update channel SET channum=133, visible=1 WHERE name='5Select';
update channel SET channum=134, visible=1 WHERE name='CBS Drama';
update channel SET channum=135, visible=1 WHERE name='CBS Reality';
update channel SET channum=136, visible=1 WHERE name='CBS Reality+1';
update channel SET channum=137, visible=1 WHERE name='CBS Justice';
update channel SET channum=138, visible=1 WHERE name='horror channel';
update channel SET channum=139, visible=1 WHERE name='horror ch+1';
update channel SET channum=140, visible=1 WHERE name='BET:BlackEntTv';
update channel SET channum=141, visible=1 WHERE name='5Spike';
update channel SET channum=142, visible=1 WHERE name='True Ent';
update channel SET channum=144, visible=1 WHERE name='Pick';
update channel SET channum=145, visible=1 WHERE name='Pick+1';
update channel SET channum=146, visible=1 WHERE name='Challenge';
update channel SET channum=147, visible=1 WHERE name='Challenge+1';
update channel SET channum=148, visible=1 WHERE name='Food Network';
update channel SET channum=149, visible=1 WHERE name='Food Netwrk+1';
update channel SET channum=150, visible=1 WHERE name='DMAX';
update channel SET channum=151, visible=1 WHERE name='DMAX+1';
update channel SET channum=152, visible=1 WHERE name='True Ent+1';
update channel SET channum=154, visible=1 WHERE name='ITV4+1';
update channel SET channum=155, visible=1 WHERE name='PBS America';
update channel SET channum=156, visible=1 WHERE name='YourTV';
update channel SET channum=157, visible=1 WHERE name='Dave';
update channel SET channum=158, visible=1 WHERE name='Drama';
update channel SET channum=159, visible=1 WHERE name='YESTERDAY';
update channel SET channum=160, visible=1 WHERE name='Really';
update channel SET channum=161, visible=1 WHERE name='Showcase';
update channel SET channum=162, visible=1 WHERE name='BLAZE';
update channel SET channum=164, visible=1 WHERE name='Together';
update channel SET channum=165, visible=1 WHERE name='Forces TV';
update channel SET channum=166, visible=1 WHERE name='Home';
update channel SET channum=167, visible=1 WHERE name='QUEST HD';
update channel SET channum=168, visible=1 WHERE name='QUEST+1';
update channel SET channum=169, visible=1 WHERE name='QUest Red';
update channel SET channum=170, visible=1 WHERE name='Quest Red+1';
update channel SET channum=171, visible=1 WHERE name='YANGA!';
update channel SET channum=172, visible=1 WHERE name='QUEST';
update channel SET channum=173, visible=1, name='BBC Four'     WHERE serviceid='6316';
update channel SET channum=174, visible=1, name='BBC Scotland' WHERE serviceid='6420';
update channel SET channum=175, visible=1 WHERE name='Smithsonian HD';

-- HD Channels 
-- (Defined in numeric order)

-- News & Sport
update channel SET channum=200, visible=1, name='BBC NEWS HD'    WHERE serviceid='8921';
update channel SET channum=201, visible=1, name='BBC Parliament' WHERE serviceid='10307';
update channel SET channum=202, visible=1 WHERE name='Sky News';
update channel SET channum=203, visible=1 WHERE name='Al Jazeera Eng';
update channel SET channum=205, visible=1 WHERE name='FRANCE 24 HD';
update channel SET channum=206, visible=1 WHERE name='RT HD';
update channel SET channum=207, visible=1 WHERE name='CNN';
update channel SET channum=208, visible=1 WHERE name='Bloomberg HD';
update channel SET channum=209, visible=1 WHERE name='NHK World HD';
update channel SET channum=210, visible=1 WHERE name='CNBC';
update channel SET channum=211, visible=1 WHERE name='CGTN HD';
update channel SET channum=212, visible=1, name='BBC NEWS' WHERE serviceid='10358';
update channel SET channum=214, visible=1 WHERE name='Arirang TV HD';
update channel SET channum=215, visible=1 WHERE name='TRT World HD';
update channel SET channum=250, visible=1 WHERE name='FrontRunner';
update channel SET channum=252, visible=1 WHERE name='FreeSports HD';

-- Movies
update channel SET channum=300, visible=1 WHERE name='Film4';
update channel SET channum=301, visible=1 WHERE name='Film4+1';
update channel SET channum=302, visible=1 WHERE name='Sony Movies';
update channel SET channum=303, visible=1 WHERE name='True Movies';
update channel SET channum=304, visible=1 WHERE name='TrueMovies+1';
update channel SET channum=305, visible=1 WHERE name='movies4men';
update channel SET channum=306, visible=1 WHERE name='TalkingPictures';
update channel SET channum=307, visible=1 WHERE name='Retro Movies';

-- Music
update channel SET channum=501, visible=1 WHERE name='The Vault';
update channel SET channum=516, visible=1 WHERE name='Spotlight TV';

-- Childrens
update channel SET channum=600, visible=1, name='CBBC HD'     WHERE serviceid='6952';
update channel SET channum=601, visible=1, name='CBeebies HD' WHERE serviceid='8932';
update channel SET channum=602, visible=1 WHERE name='CITV';
update channel SET channum=603, visible=1 WHERE name='POP';
update channel SET channum=604, visible=1 WHERE name='POP Max';
update channel SET channum=605, visible=1 WHERE name='Tiny Pop';
update channel SET channum=606, visible=1 WHERE name='POP+1';
update channel SET channum=607, visible=1, name='CBBC'     WHERE serviceid='10352';
update channel SET channum=608, visible=1, name='CBeebies' WHERE serviceid='6318';

-- Faith
update channel SET channum=690, visible=1 WHERE name='Inspiration TV';
update channel SET channum=691, visible=1 WHERE name='DAYSTAR HD';
update channel SET channum=692, visible=1 WHERE name='revelation';
update channel SET channum=694, visible=1 WHERE name='GOD Channel';
update channel SET channum=695, visible=1 WHERE name='SonLife';

update channel SET channum=800, visible=1 WHERE name='QVC';
update channel SET channum=801, visible=1 WHERE name='QVC Beauty';
update channel SET channum=802, visible=1 WHERE name='QVC Extra';
update channel SET channum=803, visible=1 WHERE name='QVC Style';
update channel SET channum=805, visible=1 WHERE name='Gems TV';
update channel SET channum=806, visible=1 WHERE name='JML Direct';
update channel SET channum=807, visible=1 WHERE name='JewelryMaker';
update channel SET channum=809, visible=1 WHERE name='TJC';
update channel SET channum=812, visible=1 WHERE name='Ideal World';
update channel SET channum=813, visible=1 WHERE name='Create & Craft';
update channel SET channum=817, visible=1 WHERE name='Hochanda';

-- Radio
update channel SET channum=700, visible=1, name='BBC R1'       WHERE serviceid='6450';
update channel SET channum=701, visible=1, name='BBC R1X'      WHERE serviceid='6466';
update channel SET channum=702, visible=1, name='BBC R2'       WHERE serviceid='6452';
update channel SET channum=703, visible=1, name='BBC R3'       WHERE serviceid='10380';
update channel SET channum=704, visible=1, name='BBC R4'       WHERE serviceid='10381';
update channel SET channum=705, visible=1, name='BBC R5 Live'  WHERE serviceid='6401';
update channel SET channum=706, visible=1, name='BBC R5 Live Sports X' WHERE serviceid='6464';
update channel SET channum=707, visible=1, name='BBC 6 Music'  WHERE serviceid='10383';
update channel SET channum=708, visible=1, name='BBC R4 Extra' WHERE serviceid='10384';
update channel SET channum=709, visible=1, name='BBC Asian'    WHERE serviceid='6460';
update channel SET channum=710, visible=1, name='BBC R4 LW'    WHERE serviceid='10382';
update channel SET channum=711, visible=1, name='BBC World Service' WHERE serviceid='10385';
update channel SET channum=712, visible=1, name='BBC R Scot'   WHERE serviceid='10386';
update channel SET channum=713, visible=1, name='BBC R n Gael' WHERE serviceid='10387';
update channel SET channum=714, visible=1, name='BBC R Wales'  WHERE serviceid='10388';
update channel SET channum=715, visible=1, name='BBC R Cymru'  WHERE serviceid='10389';
update channel SET channum=716, visible=1, name='BBC R Ulster' WHERE serviceid='10390';
update channel SET channum=716, visible=1, name='BBC R Foyle'  WHERE serviceid='10391';
update channel SET channum=718, visible=1, name='BBC London'   WHERE serviceid='6470';
update channel SET channum=719, visible=1 WHERE name='Capital FM';
update channel SET channum=720, visible=1 WHERE name='Capital Xtra';
update channel SET channum=721, visible=1 WHERE name='Classic FM';
update channel SET channum=722, visible=1 WHERE name='Gold';
update channel SET channum=723, visible=1 WHERE name='XFM';
update channel SET channum=724, visible=1 WHERE name='Absolute';
update channel SET channum=726, visible=1 WHERE name='Absolute80s';
update channel SET channum=730, visible=1 WHERE name='Planet Rock';
update channel SET channum=731, visible=1 WHERE name='TalkSport';
update channel SET channum=732, visible=1 WHERE name='Smooth';
update channel SET channum=733, visible=1 WHERE name='Heart';
update channel SET channum=734, visible=1 WHERE name='LBC 97.3';
update channel SET channum=735, visible=1, name='BBC R Cymru 2' WHERE serviceid='6454';
update channel SET channum=736, visible=1 WHERE name='Virgn Radio UK';
update channel SET channum=750, visible=1 WHERE name='RTE Radio 1';
update channel SET channum=751, visible=1 WHERE name='RTE 2FM';
update channel SET channum=752, visible=1 WHERE name='RTE Lyric fm';
update channel SET channum=753, visible=1 WHERE name='RTE R na G';
update channel SET channum=786, visible=1 WHERE name='BFBS Radio';
update channel SET channum=790, visible=1 WHERE name='TWR';

-- Regional Channels (set your local choices further on in this script)
-- BBC One - Channel 101
update channel SET channum=950, visible=1, name='BBC 1 London'   WHERE serviceid='6301';
update channel SET channum=951, visible=1, name='BBC 1 CI'       WHERE serviceid='6361';
update channel SET channum=952, visible=1, name='BBC 1 E Mids'   WHERE serviceid='10305';
update channel SET channum=953, visible=1, name='BBC 1 East (E)' WHERE serviceid='10306';
update channel SET channum=954, visible=1, name='BBC 1 East (W)' WHERE serviceid='6351';
update channel SET channum=955, visible=1, name='BBC 1 N West'   WHERE serviceid='6441';
update channel SET channum=956, visible=1, name='BBC 1 NE & C'   WHERE serviceid='6471';
update channel SET channum=957, visible=1, name='BBC 1 NI'       WHERE serviceid='10361';
update channel SET channum=958, visible=1, name='BBC 1 Oxford'   WHERE serviceid='10356';
update channel SET channum=959, visible=1, name='BBC 1 S East'   WHERE serviceid='6461';
update channel SET channum=960, visible=1, name='BBC 1 Scotland' WHERE serviceid='6421';
update channel SET channum=961, visible=1, name='BBC 1 South'    WHERE serviceid='10353';
update channel SET channum=962, visible=1, name='BBC 1 S West'   WHERE serviceid='10354';
update channel SET channum=963, visible=1, name='BBC 1 W Mids'   WHERE serviceid='10301';
update channel SET channum=964, visible=1, name='BBC 1 Wales'    WHERE serviceid='10311';
update channel SET channum=965, visible=1, name='BBC 1 West'     WHERE serviceid='6341';
update channel SET channum=966, visible=1, name='BBC 1 Yorks'    WHERE serviceid='6451';
update channel SET channum=967, visible=1, name='BBC 1 Yrks&Lin' WHERE serviceid='10303';

-- BBC One HD - Channel 106
update channel SET channum=972, visible=1, name='BBC One HD'          WHERE serviceid='6941';
update channel SET channum=973, visible=1, name='BBC One Scotland HD' WHERE serviceid='8901';
update channel SET channum=976, visible=1, name='BBC One Wales HD'    WHERE serviceid='8911';
update channel SET channum=978, visible=1, name='BBC One NI HD'       WHERE serviceid='6943';

-- BBC Two - Channel 110
update channel SET channum=968, visible=1, name='BBC 2 England' WHERE serviceid='6302';
update channel SET channum=969, visible=1, name='BBC 2 NI'      WHERE serviceid='10362';
-- Regional Doc unclear, so keeping HD channel
-- update channel SET channum=971, visible=1, name='BBC 2 Wales'   WHERE serviceid='10312';

-- BBC Two HD - Channel 102/106 ??
update channel SET channum=949, visible=1, name='BBC Two HD'       WHERE serviceid='6940';
update channel SET channum=971, visible=1, name='BBC Two Wales HD' WHERE serviceid='6912';

-- ===============================================================================================
-- Set your local regional channels here
-- ===============================================================================================
-- BBC
update channel SET channum=101, visible=1, name='BBC One'    WHERE serviceid='6341';
update channel SET channum=102, visible=1, name='BBC Two HD' WHERE serviceid='6940';
update channel SET channum=106, visible=1, name='BBC One HD' WHERE serviceid='6941';
update channel SET channum=110, visible=1, name='BBC Two'    WHERE serviceid='6302';

-- ITV
-- These are not all displayed on a standard Freesat list, unlike BBC you only get your region.
-- The callsign and name are all set to ITV or similar.  Only the serviceid is an indicator
-- There is nothing to stop you putting the lot in your EPG at the end like the BBC channels
-- You need to set your serviceids here - these are for "West".  For your area check the table 
-- provided and links in this article.

update channel SET channum=103, visible=1, name='ITV'    WHERE serviceid='12170';
update channel SET channum=111, visible=1, name='ITV HD' WHERE serviceid='20770';
update channel SET channum=112, visible=1, name='ITV+1'  WHERE serviceid='10125';

-- End of regional channels
-- ===============================================================================================

-- Channel fixups -------------------------------------------------
-- CBS Reality has two sids 55214 and 51216
update channel SET visible=0 WHERE serviceid='55214';
-- Sky News has two sids 4704 and 4706
update channel SET visible=0 WHERE serviceid='4706';
-- Channel fixups -------------------------------------------------

-- Mark BBC channels as advert free and not requiring commercial flagging.
UPDATE channel SET commmethod=-2 WHERE name LIKE '%BBC%' OR name = 'CBeebies';

-- Set Default Channel to the first entry
UPDATE settings SET data=(SELECT channum FROM channel WHERE channum > 100 ORDER BY CAST(channum AS unsigned) ASC LIMIT 1) WHERE value='DefaultTVChannel';

-- Set Smart Channel Changing (instant change on 3rd Digit)
UPDATE settings SET data = 1 WHERE value='SmartChannelChange';


Custom or combined lists


ITV channel serviceids for Freesat at 1 Sep 2019. Remove this when a better source is found.

Channel serviceid
ITV2 HD (pay TV) 20710
ITV Wales HD 20730
ITV Granada HD 20740
ITV Tyne Tees HD 20750
ITV South West HD ^ 20760
ITV West HD ^ 20770
STV Central West HD 20800
UTV HD 20810
ITV Box Office HD(pay) 20825
ITV Anglia E HD 20840
ITV Border England HD 20850
ITV London HD 21000
ITV Meridian SE HD 21020
ITV Central West HD 21030
ITV Yorks W HD 21040
ITV 3 HD (pay TV) 21050
ITV 4 HD (pay TV) 21060
ITV London 10060
ITV Granada 10080
ITV Anglia East 10090
ITV+1 Anglia East 10091
ITV Central West 10100
ITV+1 Meridian SE 10101
ITV2 10070
CITV 10071
ITV4 10072
ITV4+1 10073
ITVBe 10075
ITV Border (Engl.) 10120
ITV+1 West^ 10125
ITV Tyne Tees 10130
ITV Meridian South 10140
ITV+1 Central West 10145
ITV Meridian SE 10150
ITV+1 London 10155
ITV Yorkshire West 10160
ITVBe+1 10139
ITV2+1 10165
ITV Channel Television 10200
STV North (Aberdeen) 10210
STV Central West (Glas) 10220
STV Central East (Edin) 10221
STV North (Dundee) 10225
UTV 10230
UTV+1 10231
ITV South West^ 10240
ITV+1 Granada 10255
ITV3 10260
ITV3+1 10261
ITV Meridian Thames V. 12101
ITV+1 Tyne Tees 12105
ITV Anglia West 12110
ITV Yorkshire East 12120
ITV Border (Scotland) 12130
ITV Central East 12145
ITV Wales 12150
ITV+1 Wales 12155
ITV+1 Yorkshire 12165
ITV West^ 12170
ITV+1 South West^ 12175

Custom Channel Configuration Backup and Restore