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It is necessary in MythTV 0.21 to manually re-arrange the channels using the channel editor into an order that seemed appropriate. This long and lengthy process soon became a chore after having rescan for channels then re-arrange them again.

Below are two scripts, one for Freeview and one for FreeSat.

Each time you rescan for channels you will need to re-run the script - check back here hopefully it has been updated for any recent change and please be aware that when channels move around this script may need changing to prevent two channels wanting the same channel number.

To run the script open a Mysql console as a privileged member of Mysql, as such, at the shell type; mysql -uroot -p

then paste the following into the console, or save it to a text file and then run it with the source command; source /path/to/saved/script

Regional Variations Below the relevant section (Freeview / FreeSat) there is are further scripts to update for regional variations. Run the regional variation script after running the primary script.


use mythconverg; update channel set channum=1 where name='BBC ONE'; update channel set channum=2 where name='BBC TWO'; update channel set channum=3 where name='ITV1'; update channel set channum=4 where name='Channel 4'; update channel set channum=5 where name='Five'; update channel set channum=6 where name='ITV2'; update channel set channum=7 where name='BBC THREE'; update channel set channum=9 where name='BBC FOUR'; update channel set channum=10 where name='ITV3'; update channel set channum=11 where name='SKY THREE'; update channel set channum=12 where name='UKTV History'; update channel set channum=13 where name='Channel 4+1'; update channel set channum=14 where name='More 4'; update channel set channum=16 where name='QVC'; update channel set channum=17 where name='G.O.L.D.'; update channel set channum=18 where name='4Music'; update channel set channum=19 where name='Dave'; update channel set channum=20 where name='Virgin1'; update channel set channum=21 where name='TMF'; update channel set channum=22 where name='Ideal World'; update channel set channum=23 where name='bid tv'; update channel set channum=24 where name='price-drop tv'; update channel set channum=26 where name='UKTV STYLE'; update channel set channum=28 where name='ITV4'; update channel set channum=29 where name='E4'; update channel set channum=30 where name='E4+1'; update channel set channum=31 where name='ITV2 +1'; update channel set channum=32 where name='Film4'; update channel set channum=34 where name='SETANTA SPORTS'; update channel set channum=35 where name='Five US'; update channel set channum=36 where name='FIVER'; update channel set channum=37 where name='smileTV'; update channel set channum=38 where name='TOPUP Anytime1'; update channel set channum=39 where name='TOPUP Anytime2'; update channel set channum=40 where name='TOPUP Anytime3'; update channel set channum=41 where name='TOPUP Anytime4'; update channel set channum=42 where name='Nuts TV'; update channel set channum=43 where name='Gems TV'; update channel set channum=44 where name='GEMSTV1'; update channel set channum=45 where name='Lottery Xtra'; update channel set channum=46 where name='smileTV2'; update channel set channum=70 where name='CBBC Channel'; update channel set channum=71 where name='CBeebies'; update channel set channum=75 where name='CITV'; update channel set channum=80 where name='BBC NEWS'; update channel set channum=81 where name='BBC Parliament'; update channel set channum=82 where name='Sky News'; update channel set channum=83 where name='Sky Spts News'; update channel set channum=87 where name='Community'; update channel set channum=88 where name='Teachers TV'; update channel set channum=97 where name='TVX / REDHOT'; update channel set channum=100 where name='Teletext'; update channel set channum=101 where name='Ttext Holidays'; update channel set channum=102 where name='Rabbit'; update channel set channum=103 where name='TeletextCasino'; update channel set channum=105 where name='BBC Red Button'; update channel set channum=108 where name='Sky Text'; update channel set channum=300 where name='4TVinteractive'; update channel set channum=301 where name='301'; update channel set channum=302 where name='302'; update channel set channum=303 where name='303'; update channel set channum=305 where name='305'; update channel set channum=700 where name='BBC Radio 1'; update channel set channum=701 where name='BBC 1Xtra'; update channel set channum=702 where name='BBC Radio 2'; update channel set channum=703 where name='BBC Radio 3'; update channel set channum=704 where name='BBC Radio 4'; update channel set channum=705 where name='BBC R5L'; update channel set channum=706 where name='BBC R5SX'; update channel set channum=707 where name='BBC 6 Music'; update channel set channum=708 where name='BBC Radio 7'; update channel set channum=709 where name='BBC Asian Net.'; update channel set channum=710 where name='BBC World Sv.'; update channel set channum=711 where name='The Hits Radio'; update channel set channum=712 where name='Smash Hits!'; update channel set channum=713 where name='Kiss'; update channel set channum=714 where name='heat'; update channel set channum=715 where name='Magic'; update channel set channum=716 where name='Q'; update channel set channum=718 where name='SMOOTH RADIO'; update channel set channum=721 where name='MOJO'; update channel set channum=722 where name='Kerrang!'; update channel set channum=723 where name='talkSPORT'; update channel set channum=725 where name='Premier Radio'; update channel set channum=727 where name='Absolute Radio'; update channel set channum=728 where name='Heart';

North Wales Freeview variation:

use mythconverg; update channel set channum=1 where name='BBC ONE wales'; update channel set channum=2 where name='BBC 2W'; update channel set channum=3 where name='ITV1 Wales'; update channel set channum=8 where name='Channel 4'; update channel set channum=4 where name='S4/C'; update channel set channum=86 where name='S4/C2'; update channel set channum=719 where name='BBC Radio Wales'; update channel set channum=720 where name='BBC Radio Cymru';


USE mythconverg; UPDATE channel SET channum=1 WHERE name='BBC 1 South'; UPDATE channel SET channum=2 WHERE name='BBC 2 England'; UPDATE channel SET channum=3 WHERE name='ITV1 Meridian S'; UPDATE channel SET channum=4 WHERE name='Channel 4'; UPDATE channel SET channum=5 WHERE name='Five'; UPDATE channel SET channum=6 WHERE name='BBC THREE'; UPDATE channel SET channum=7 WHERE name='BBC FOUR'; UPDATE channel SET channum=8 WHERE name='ITV2'; UPDATE channel SET channum=9 WHERE name='ITV4'; UPDATE channel SET channum=10 WHERE name='E4'; UPDATE channel SET channum=11 WHERE name='More4'; UPDATE channel SET channum=12 WHERE name='e4'; UPDATE channel SET channum=13 WHERE name='ITV2+1'; UPDATE channel SET channum=14 WHERE name='Channel 4 +1'; UPDATE channel SET channum=15 WHERE name='More4 +1'; UPDATE channel SET channum=16 WHERE name='EMTV'; UPDATE channel SET channum=17 WHERE name='E4+1'; UPDATE channel SET channum=18 WHERE name='Men & Motors'; UPDATE channel SET channum=19 WHERE name='Nuts TV'; UPDATE channel SET channum=20 WHERE name='Nuts TV +1'; UPDATE channel SET channum=21 WHERE name='Fight Network'; UPDATE channel SET channum=25 WHERE name='CBBC Channel'; UPDATE channel SET channum=26 WHERE name='CBeebies'; UPDATE channel SET channum=27 WHERE name='CITV'; UPDATE channel SET channum=28 WHERE name='Tiny Pop'; UPDATE channel SET channum=29 WHERE name='POP'; UPDATE channel SET channum=30 WHERE name='Tiny Pop +1'; UPDATE channel SET channum=31 WHERE name='PopGirl'; UPDATE channel SET channum=32 WHERE name='PopGirl +1'; UPDATE channel SET channum=33 WHERE name='Kix!'; UPDATE channel SET channum=35 WHERE name='Film4'; UPDATE channel SET channum=36 WHERE name='Film4 +1'; UPDATE channel SET channum=37 WHERE name='True Movies'; UPDATE channel SET channum=38 WHERE name='True Movies 2'; UPDATE channel SET channum=39 WHERE name='movies4men'; UPDATE channel SET channum=40 WHERE name='movies4men 2'; UPDATE channel SET channum=41 WHERE name='mov4men+1'; UPDATE channel SET channum=42 WHERE name='mov4men2 +1'; UPDATE channel SET channum=43 WHERE name='AIT Movistar'; UPDATE channel SET channum=44 WHERE name='World Movies'; UPDATE channel SET channum=45 WHERE name='Movies Active'; UPDATE channel SET channum=46 WHERE name='Film DAL'; UPDATE channel SET channum=47 WHERE name='Film24'; UPDATE channel SET channum=50 WHERE name='BBC NEWS'; UPDATE channel SET channum=51 WHERE name='BBC PARL\'MNT'; UPDATE channel SET channum=52 WHERE name='Sky News'; UPDATE channel SET channum=53 WHERE name='ATN'; UPDATE channel SET channum=54 WHERE name='sportsXchange'; UPDATE channel SET channum=55 WHERE name='CNN'; UPDATE channel SET channum=56 WHERE name='EuroNews'; UPDATE channel SET channum=57 WHERE name='France 24'; UPDATE channel SET channum=58 WHERE name='Channel S NTV'; UPDATE channel SET channum=59 WHERE name='CCTV-9'; UPDATE channel SET channum=60 WHERE name='PCNE Chinese'; UPDATE channel SET channum=61 WHERE name='Russia Today'; UPDATE channel SET channum=65 WHERE name='BBC R1'; UPDATE channel SET channum=66 WHERE name='BBC R2'; UPDATE channel SET channum=67 WHERE name='BBC R3'; UPDATE channel SET channum=68 WHERE name='BBC R4 FM'; UPDATE channel SET channum=69 WHERE name='BBC R5L'; UPDATE channel SET channum=70 WHERE name='BBC 6 Music'; UPDATE channel SET channum=71 WHERE name='BBC Radio 7'; UPDATE channel SET channum=75 WHERE name='BBC HD';