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Map of the United Kingdom

Just setting this up to see what kind of interest we would get


North (but not Scotland or Northern Ireland)

  • Craig Tinson (Leeds, W. Yorks)
  • Ciaran Jessup (Manchester, Manchester so northern they named it twice.)
  • Malcolm Smith (Manchester, Manchester.....two users to name it twice)
  • Charlie Brej (Manchester, Gr Manchester)
  • Kevin Merrison (Halifax, West Yorkshire)
  • Will Redhouse (Middlesbrough, Cleveland)
  • Paul Barker (Darlington, Co Durham. I've been to Manchester. )
  • Justin Hornsby (Manchester, originally from Co. Durham... Linux noob learning fast)
  • Nigel Metheringham (York)
  • Gary Dawes - originally from Darlington, now on Tyneside. Been running myth for almost 2 years with Sky and 2 analogue tuners. BTW what is it about folk from darlo and myth?


  • Tim Rodgers (Derbyshire) 2x Nova-T DVB cards, GeForce with TV-out, Fedora Core4 & MythTV 0.18.1
  • Andrew Cheung (Coventry, nowhere near manchester)
  • Gerard Smyth (Shirley (tis really a place!), sits on M42 which links to M6, which inturn goes somewhere near manchester)

East Anglia

  • Jon Wood (Ipswich, Suffolk)
  • Mal Hubert (Ipswich, Suffolk)
  • Jonathan Roberts (Sawston, Cambridgeshire)
  • Paul Sherratt (Felixstowe, Suffolk)
  • Chris Watson (nr Ipswich, Suffolk - been to Manchester for a course once and know people living in Chester) 1x PVR-350 and a Bush Freeview box.

South East (outside London)

  • Ashley Bostock (Dover, Kent)
  • Richie Jarvis (Lewes, East Sussex and avoids Manchester ;-) )
  • Des Herriott (Reading, but when very young lived in Eccles... near Manchester)
  • Ivor Hewitt (Surrey)
  • Steve Boddy (From Darlington, moved down-market to Ascot ;-) , and managed to drive through Manchester whilst keeping possesion of all four wheels once ;-) )
  • Mike Parkins (Reading) Nova-T DVB card on Mandrake 10.2
  • Tom Fotherby (Reading, Berkshire) 1xNova-T DVB card on Ubuntu Linux.
  • David Greaves (Reading, but I went to school in Manchester ;) )
  • Graeme Hilton (Southampton) also a member of HantsLUG.

South West


  • Paul Woodward (Central London)
  • Andrew Ingram (North London)
  • Mike Choy (North West London)-Too many toys, not enough time.
  • Mike Ryan (South London)
  • Gavin Sallery (London) PVR-350 + Mac mini front-end, NTL cable, IRTrans remote control

Also maybe some UK specific pages (ie with UK in the title): Search for uk