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For remote controlling a Sky or Sky+ box, one option is:
For remote controlling a Sky or Sky+ box, one option is:
* [http://www.cornelius.demon.co.uk/lirc-sky-rflink-howto.html Sky rflink lirc mini howto]
* [http://www.byteme.org.uk/howtos/lirc-sky-rflink-howto.shtml Sky rflink lirc mini howto]
Or a related (prebuilt) system can be bought here:
Or a related (prebuilt) system can be bought here:

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Television in the UK comes in a few flavours:

  • Analog Broadcast (BBC1,2,ITV,C4 and Channel 5) - being phased out by 2012, earlier in some areas.
  • Digital Broadcast (Freeview and...)
  • Sky Satellite
  • Telewest Cable
  • NTL Cable

UK listings are best served by using the tv_grab_uk_rt grabber (Uk_xmltv), which uses a dedicated xmltv feed on the Radio Times website that they set up just for people like us (the BBC at their best ;) ) - or, if you're a DVB user, directly from the signal using tv_grab_dvb (more recently, EIT data collection)

In either case, Digital Spy provide lots of useful UK TV info:

For sky or NTL users here is a link to details of setting up xmltv in the UK:

For remote controlling a Sky or Sky+ box, one option is:

Or a related (prebuilt) system can be bought here:

Another option is:

infrared option

There is also a script to update the sky frequency numbers afer the recent (28th Jan 2006) change.

For NTL I use This page for the channel numbers: [1] This page for the cable box control: [2] And this file for the ledxmitd.conf

  1. this config file was automatically generated
  2. using lirc-0.6.3pre4(sir) on Wed Feb 14 04:40:48 2001
  3. contributed by John G Ineson
  4. brand: Pace
  5. model: DI4001N
  6. supported devices: DI4001N (NTL UK Digital Cable box)

begin remote

 name  DI4001N
 bits           13
 eps            30
 aeps          100
 one           887   898
 zero          887   898
 plead         875
 gap          114458
 toggle_bit      2
    begin codes
         1                        0x0000000000001281
         2                        0x0000000000001282
         3                        0x0000000000001283
         4                        0x0000000000001284
         5                        0x0000000000001285
         6                        0x0000000000001286
         7                        0x0000000000001287
         8                        0x0000000000001288
         9                        0x0000000000001289
         0                        0x0000000000001280
         Mute                     0x0000000000000286
         Help                     0x000000000000128F
         Red                      0x00000000000002AB
         Green                    0x00000000000002AC
         Yellow                   0x00000000000002AD
         Blue                     0x00000000000002AE
         Left                     0x0000000000000295
         Right                    0x0000000000000296
         Up                       0x0000000000000290
         Down                     0x0000000000000291
         Select                   0x0000000000000297
         Guide                    0x000000000000028F
         Menu                     0x00000000000002AA
         Back                     0x00000000000012A8
         Browse                   0x00000000000012AF
         Volume+                  0x0000000000001290
         Volume-                  0x0000000000001291
         Channel-                 0x00000000000012A1
         Channel+                 0x00000000000012A0
         Page_Up                  0x000000000000128A
         Page_Down                0x000000000000128B
         Email                    0x00000000000002B0
         Internet                 0x00000000000002AF
         Audio                    0x0000000000000292
         On_Demand                0x00000000000002B1
         TV                       0x0000000000000293
         Interactive              0x00000000000002A1
         Standby                  0x000000000000128C
     end codes

end remote