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Television in the UK comes in a few flavours:

  • Analog Broadcast (BBC1,2,ITV,C4 and Channel 5) - being phased out by 2010
  • Digital Broadcast (Freeview and...)
  • Sky Satellite
  • Telewest Cable
  • NTL Cable

UK listings are best served by using the xmltv tv_grab_uk_rt - which goes to a special page on the Radio Times website that they set up just for people like us (the BBC at their best ;) ) - or, if you're a DVB user, directly from the signal using tv_grab_dvb.

In either case, Digital Spy provide lots of useful UK TV info:

For sky or NTL users here is a link to details of setting up xmltv in the UK:

For remote controlling a Sky or Sky+ box, one option is:

Or a related (prebuilt) system can be bought here:

Another option is:

There is also a script to update the sky frequency numbers afer the recent (28th Jan 2006) change.