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MythTV can act as a UPnP server, allowing compatibility with many media client devices. This page is intended to provide detailed information on the various UPnP clients available and how they work with MythTV.

UPnP client attributes

Any information about UPnP clients is helpful. Some common questions are listed below:

Hardware support: SD or HD Video, Digital Audio output, Interfaces supported (Composite, S-Video, Component, VGA, SCART, HDMI, DVI). Wired Ethernet (100Mb/1Gb), Wireless Ethernet (a/b/g/n).
Video Playback Features: How is the quality of video playback (smooth video, any stuttering, audio sync)?, Does it support FF/REW (speed options?), 30 Second Skip, Bookmarking?
Compatibility: Does the device support SD/HD MPEG2 video from MythTV? Does it support SD/HD H.264 video? Does it play music from MythTV (0.21+)? Does it display photo galleries from MythTV (0.21+)?
MythTV Interaction: Quality of menu interface for accessing MythTV data (response time, usable menus, options to customize?).
Non-Myth Features: Support DVD/VOB streaming?, Work with Photoshop Album/iPhoto/etc?, Work with iTunes/Windows Media?
Screenshots of client working with MythTV, Screencasts of usage (link to screencast).

UPnP Device Reports

This box is only an audio music client. It sees the MythTV UPnP audio server. However, currently, the UPnP audio fix is only in the SVN version of MythTV.

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