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MythTV can act as a UPnP server, allowing compatibility with many media client devices. This page is intended to provide detailed information on the various UPnP clients available and how they work with MythTV.

Brief Overview of MythTV in UPnP Mode

(Author's note: This is based on limited experience with MythTV 0.20 and some speculation about the SVN version of MythTV. Please read and correct this should I have made any errors.)

MythTV 0.20 includes a 1.0 compliant UPnP server. It offers up Music (audio) and Recordings (video). However, as MythTV 0.20 changed its data base for music and the UPnP portion did not, the music feature is currently only working in the SVN code. I don't believe MythTV's UPnP offers up any images. And I don't think it is possible to access files that are not part of the data base (for example, AVIs you drop into /var/lib/mythvideo). After selecting Recordings, you may select from several sorting possibilities. I believe, as these are offered up by MythTV's UPnP server, they will be the same no matter which UPnP client you use. They are: All, By Title, By Genre, By Date, By Channel & By Group. After selecting a sorting method, I think most clients will display a portion of the list and the option to go Back to the sorting option page. I would think moving to the end of the list will force a jump to the next portion of the list. I don't believe the normal MythTV movement through a video is available through UPnP. Rather, I think such controls are constrained by how UPnP is implemented any by the client's abilities. In the case of the Galaxy client, the user may re-start play back by selecting a percentage into a video (for example, pressing 5 re-starts the video at the 50% point & pressing the left and right buttons moves this point by 1%).

Template for Device Reports

Use this template for new device reports:

UPnP Client Template

UPnP Device Reports

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