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MythTV can act as a UPnP server, allowing compatibility with many media client devices. This page is intended to provide information on the various UPnP clients available and how they work with MythTV.


MythTV 0.20 added support for UPnP AV, an open standard method for sharing multimedia content. This allows for a MythTV backend server to share its videos with UPnP clients.

UPnP clients have some advantages over MythTV frontends, in that they are designed solely for multimedia playback, and are more suited for a home entertainment environment than many general purpose PCs. They are usually smaller, quieter, and use less power than a full MythTV frontend.

However, since they are not full MythTV clients, they do not have the full MythTV feature set. These devices simply support playback of videos stored in the MythTV backend, and potentially accessing music and photos. Video playback support varies from device to device, but none support the full capabilities of a MythTV client, such as automatic commercial skipping, bookmarks, and flexible FF/REW playback controls.

UPnP Device reports attempt to better document the capabilities of the various UPnP client options, and show MythTV users what to expect when using them. If you wish to create a new device report use the UPnP Client Template.

UPnP Device Reports

Hardware UPnP Clients

Other than TVs. Note that TVs are in a separate table below.

Brand Model Type Works? Notes Description
Asus O!Play HDR-R1 Media Tank Yes Official site
Buffalo LinkTheater P3LWG/DVD DVD Player Yes Official site
D-Link DSM-520 Media Player Yes
Denon AVR-3808, AVR-4306, AVR-4308, AVR-5308 A/V Receiver Yes
Freecom MusicPal Music Player Yes Music Only
Galaxy 3500 IPTV Player Yes
IOData LinkPlayer2 DVD Player Yes
Moxi HD DVR HD Network DVR No Gives DLNA error (server not responding to request) Product
Moxi Mate DVR Network Client No Gives DLNA error (server not responding to request) Product
Netgear EVA700 Wireless Media Player Yes
Netgear MP101 Wireless Music Player Yes Music Only
Nokia N82, N95, S60 Mobile Phone Yes
Pinnacle Showcenter 200 Wireless Media Player Yes
Sony BDP-S480 Blu-Ray Disc Player Yes
Sony BDP-S580 Blu-Ray Disc Player Yes
Sony BDV-E580 Blu-Ray Disc/Home Theater Yes Recordings (HD-PVR, HDHR, PVR350), Videos, Music, but No Photos, using 0.25
Sony Sony_BDP BX37 Blu-Ray Disc Player No Does not connect to the Backend
Sony PlayStation 3 Game Console Yes
Western Digital Live HD Media Player Yes
Zeesonic Z400 Wireless Media Player Yes
ZyXEL DMA-1000 Media Player Yes Official Site

TV UPnP Clients

Brand Model Type Works? Notes Description
LG 55LW6500 Yes MythTV 0.25
Panasonic TX-P42G20 Partial MythTV 0.26. Plays MPEG2/4 video in MPG (both ts&ps) or AVI container. Blu-ray bitrate OK. Needs patch from issue #10583 to play recordings. Otherwise plays from Videos folder only. Does not play MKV files, same h264 stream in MP4 file works. Supports DVB subtitles only, muxed in MPG. 2010 G-series DVB-T/C fhd plasma.
Philips 42PFL7606K/02 Yes MythTV 0.25. Live TV does not work, but access to transcoded recordings does. Does not play MKV files, same h264 stream in MP4 file works. Official site
Samsung UN50ES6580 No
Samsung UA40C6200 Yes Plays but no navigation
Samsung UA32D6000 Yes Plays but no navigation
Sharp LC-80LE632U Aquos LED TV Yes MythTV 0.26 Official site

Software UPnP Clients

Name Platform Works? Notes Description
AndroMote Android Yes Official site
PlugPlayer Android, iOS Yes Official site
Skifta Android Yes Official site
SnapStream BeyondTV Windows Yes Official site
Nero MediaHome Windows Yes Official site
CyberLink PowerCinema Windows Yes Official site
djmount Linux Yes Official site
GeeXboX Linux distribution Yes Official site
GMediaRender Linux Yes Tested as a media renderer on Version 0.0.7, a fork of the original and incomplete GMediaRender project. Skifta was used as the control point Official site
Roxio Media Manager Windows Yes Official site
MediaCloud OSX Yes Official site
Windows Media Player Windows Yes Official site
XBMC Linux, OSX, Windows Yes Official site

UPnP Clients not yet tested with MythTV

  • Slimserver: a non-tested free open source UPnP-client (and server) from Slim Devices for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. (Comment by news: Up to my knowledge they use their proprietary protocol and not uPnP)
  • JRiver Media Center, a commercial Media Control/Renderer/Server for Windows.
  • Musicmatch Jukebox, a commercial MediaServer UPnP MediaServer and music-player for Windows.
  • Nero ShowTime, a commercial Media Control/Renderer/Server for Windows.
  • VLC media player, a free open source cross-platform media player that has a UPnP-client (via the CyberLink UPnP plugin).
  • WinAmp, a free closed source media player for Windows, using the commercial On2Share UPnP plugin.
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player (WMP), a free closed source media player for Windows, using the commercial On2Share UPnP plugin.
  • D-Link DSM-320, MediaLounge Wireless Media Player, (stand-alone hardware player).
  • D-Link DSM-320RD, MediaLounge Wireless Media Player with DVD and Card Reader, (stand-alone hardware player).
  • NETGEAR EVA8000, a wireless HD-capable media player supporting a range of formats.

Clients not compatible with MythTV

  • Sonos Zone Player is a UPnP-client which can't play its content on any non-Sonos device (it uses some propritory protocol to stream audio).
  • Elgato eyeHome hardware is not a UPnP client. It seems to use the iRDMI (ShoutCast?) protocol, plus other proprietary stuff (ports 1055-1059)
  • Archos 605 wifi plays music fine. It can browse videos, but many aren't playable. .VOB files seem to work.
  • Canola has the ability to play audio from UPnP servers but the plugin specifically says MythTV is not supported.
  • D-Link DSM-330 DiVx Connected HD Media Player - UPnP not supported
  • XBOX 360 According to GreyFoxx, this does not work 8/21/09 - Works perfect

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