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This is a work in progress... it may not be complete and needs to be error checked

Mythfrontend / Mythbackend

* libxv-dev
* libxrandr-dev
* liblircclient-dev
* libasound2-dev
* liblame-dev
* libxxf86vm-dev
* libfreetype6-dev
* linux-headers-generic

Runtime Dependencies

* libqt3-mt-mysql

Myth Plugins


* libmad0-dev
* libvorbis-dev
* libflac-dev
* libcdaudio-dev
* libcdparanoia0-dev
* libtag1-dev
* libvisual-0.4-dev
* libsdl1.2-dev
* fftw3-dev
* libfaad2-dev


* libtiff4-dev
* libexif-dev


* kdelibs4-dev

Manually Resolving Dependencies

Use "apt-file" to find what package the missing lib is provided by.

$sudo apt-get install apt-file
$sudo apt-file update

Mythmusic unable to build because of an missing library...

$./configure --enable-mythmusic
 MythMusic requires taglib.

After looking in the configure script we find...

if has_library libtag && has_header taglib/fileref.h ; then
    echo "MythMusic requires taglib."

What package do we need to install...

$apt-file search taglib/fileref.h
 libtag1-dev: usr/include/taglib/fileref.h
$sudo apt-get install libtag1-dev

The taglib dependency is now met and we can configure and build Mythmusic.