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unity-scope-mythtv is a scope for Unity that allows searching and playback of MythTV content from the Unity interface. It is developed by the Mythbuntu team. Support of this frontend is available via the IRC chatroom on freenode ( #ubuntu-mythtv ) or the Mythbuntu mailing list


A MythTV backend that has the services API (0.25+) A desktop with Unity installed such as Ubuntu 12.04 installed. Not all features are available depending on the version of Unity running.

As this is still very alpha, the latest code can be found at https://code.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/unity-scope-mythtv


  • Unity filtering available (can filter to just MythTV TV Show or Video content)
  • Shows play back in mythavtest (if that isn't installed, uses default video player)
  • If using mythavtest, commercial skipping is available (currently hardcoded to use VLC)
  • Uses coverart as icon
  • Can playback recordings or content from MythVideo
  • Searches Title, SubTitle, and Description fields


Since this is alpha, installation is a bit more manual and requires the terminal to stay open when running.

  1. Grab the bzr branch
  2. Run install.sh
  3. Install VLC
  4. Reboot your machine
  5. Run /usr/lib/unity-scope-mythtv/unity-scope-mythtv from a terminal.