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This is a List of the unofficial Plugins for MythTV. These are not included within the official release. They may work with the newest MythTV Versions, or they may require modification in degree ranging from trivial to extreme, because they are developed for older ones.

Editor's note: if you're responsible for one of these plugins, feel free to update any out-links as necessary, and note here which version of MythTV your plugin works with --Baylink 19:54, 4 February 2006 (UTC)

Frontend Plugins

MythMail [1] - A POP3 Client for the Mythfrontend. This is a non working version! A new MythMail plugin for MythTV which uses the MFD is in development. More information at [2].

MythRecipe [3] - Recipes for your TV computer in the kitchen.

MythKaraoke [4] - Listen to Music and sing it.

MythFM [5] - Listen to Radio.

MythStream [6] - Playing of Audio and Videos Streams in MythTV.

MythBurnUI [7] - A Plugin to use the MythBurn scripts with the frontend. (Can only be downloaded via CVS!). NOTE: This is unnecessary with MythTV > 0.19 because it's been replaced by MythArchive.

MythCalendar [8] - A calendaring system for MythTV.

MythTiVo [9] - A GUI Front End to allow selection of Now Showing Items from any IP connected TiVo. (For MythTV 0.11.)

Torrentocracy [10] - A Bittorrent client that has RSS support (For MythTV 0.11.)

MythChannels [11] - A Plugin to configure the Channels. (For MythTV 0.15.)

MythRoast - Another DVD burning plugin

MythWeb Addons

MythBurn [12] [13] - An extension to MythWeb, so that you can burn your Recordings to CD/DVD. Installation instructions and screen shots can be found here: MythBurnInstallation. MythTV version 0.20 contains MythArchive, which has additional features, but is integrated into the frontend, while MythBurn is integrated into MythWeb. MythBurn might have support for DVB-subtitles while MythArchive will not.

MythStreamTV [14] - Live transcoding and streaming of MythTV recordings over the network. This is a patched version which works with the new MythWeb. The orginal version can be found at sourceforge here, but it won't work with SVN or 0.19 of MythTV, for this you have to use the patched version found under the first link.
NOTE: There are issues to resolve even with the latest patch from "jogibear9988". With a little time, these can be resolved. One of the issues is that a hard-coded hostname exists in themes/createfile.php. Another is that some language strings are missing (Example: "modules/_shared/lang/English.lang"). Please run the script "". A couple other issues exist, but they are simple to resolve. With a little time, the system can even be modified to stream live TV. It works well.

MythWebRSS MythWebRSS - Additional php file to create an RSS feed of the Previous Recordings page.

General Addons

TVWish [15] - Generate/grab a list of the hundreds of top movies you wish to see someday, and arrange for them to be recorded if they are ever on TV. Instead of browsing what movies are on in the next 2 weeks, just pick all your movies at once, and eventually they'll show up. Look for and record the pilot episodes of hundreds of the top TV series of all time, in case you missed them, or want to try them out. And a lot more....

nuvexport [16] - nuvexport - Command line script for exporting recordings to a number of formats including DIVX, XVID, DVD, SVCD, NUV+SQL. Easy to use: Select recording and options from numbered lists.

nuv2avi nuv2avi - Command line program for converting MPEG4 .nuv files to DIVX. It does not recode the file, so it is very fast, but noisy recordings will probably have audio sync problems.

Myth Recording Extender (MRE) [17] - PHP5 application that monitors live events that are being recorded and will auto-extend recordings when it's determined the live event is running late. Written with live sports events in mind (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA support included), but not limited to just sports. Requires Myth 0.19+.

myth2ipod [18] Create Ipod compatible videos, and serve them to your Ipod by podcast from mythtv.

Windows Programs

MythHelper [19] - MythHelper is a Windows application which has been created to aid in the process of transcoding recordings from a MythTV machine. Currently MythHelper will aid in transcoding to both XVID AVI and DVD MPEG2 files.

DsMyth [20] - A collection of DirectShow filters and applications that enables playback of MythTV files on windows. The idea is to allow almost any mediaplayer to handle mythtv recordings including streaming files from the backend and watching livetv. There is a How To which uses DsMyth to help play recordings from MythWeb on Windows machines over a LAN.

WinMyth [21] - A Windows Frontend for MythTV

TapeWorm [22] Tapeworm is a "parasitic" Windows front end for MythTV (v1)

MythTv Player [23] A simple player that play recordings directly from the MythTv backend. Future development plans include LiveTv and de-interlazing. (MythTv v 0.18-0.20.1)

Mac Software

Remote Remote [24] Remote control a linux frontend from a mac.