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This list contains the Plugins for MythTV developed by the community. This means they are not included within the official release. Some of them are really great, bringing a whole new dimension to your system and definitly worth to take a look at.

These plugins (normally) work with the newest MythTV Versions. Some plugins however are not kept up-to-date with the latest release of Myth-TV and require modification in a degree ranging from trivial to extreme.

Column explaination:

  • Plugin - the name of the plug-in;
  • Status - the latest compatible release of mythTV;
  • Description - some extra info about the plug-in.

Remember to update the status field if you confirmed that a plugin is compatible with a more recent version of MythTV


User Manual:Plugins and Addons - The section in the usermanual about plugins and addons

Plugin section - Information about how to use plugins

Plug-in developers guide - Explains how to create your own plugin (or convert existing programs)

Frontend Plugins

Plugin Supported Versions Description
MythNettv 0.21 Subscribe to and watch video podcasts. Mythnettv allows you to set up subscriptions to your favorite podcasts, webtv, movie trailers, etc (anything on the web with an adres can be used). It will look at the specified address(s) and find all the video content associated with the tile supplied in the subscription, it will then download all videos and add them to the mythtv recorded tv page on your frontend together with a description of the show and the date that the show was added to the web.
MythRecipe 0.21 This link above is for the new MythRecipe and the site is based on Trac. The old MythRecipe can be located at Old MythRecipe. The new MythRecipe provides both a plugin and web based recipe interface for Myth TV. This recipe program is still in developmenet and when it's in a mature state, it will be migrated to the MythTV web site, MythTV bug reporting system, and become an official plugin. Until that time, MythRecipe will reside at this web site. Please generated bug reports and enhancement requests using this Trac system for any bugs and/or features requested. The authors are also active on the MythTv Users and development mailing list.
MythFM - Listen to Radio.
MythStream 0.21 Playing of Audio and Videos Streams in MythTV.
MythVodka 0.21 MythVodka is a plugin that plays streaming content full screen using the internal player. It supports BBC iPlayer, NZBs and streaming content like Diggnation, Revision 3, etc.
MythCalendar - A calendaring system for MythTV. [NOTE: no downloads available at this site]
MythTiVo 0.11 A GUI Front End to allow selection of Now Showing Items from any IP connected TiVo.
MythRoast - Another DVD burning plugin
MythCopy - A plugin which allows easy copying of CDs and DVDs.
MythMPD - A simple MPD client for MythTV.
MythTube #5589 pre-0.22 Internet video plugin which allows the user to search and watch Youtube videos and customise their own channels with integrated Miro browsing.
MythSqueezebox MythSqueezebox 0.21 A Squeezebox emulator for your MythTV.
MythBOINC 0.21 Allows BOINC management/monitoring via MythTV interface

MythWeb Addons

Plugin Supported Versions Description
MythStreamTV [1] - Live transcoding and streaming of MythTV recordings over the network. This is a patched version which works with the new MythWeb. The original version can be found at sourceforge here, but it won't work with SVN or 0.19 of MythTV, for this you have to use the patched version found under the first link.
NOTE: There are issues to resolve even with the latest patch from "jogibear9988". With a little time, these can be resolved. One of the issues is that some language strings are missing (Example: "modules/_shared/lang/English.lang"). Please run the script "". A couple other issues exist, but they are simple to resolve. With a little time, the system can even be modified to stream live TV. It works well.

General Addons

Plugin Supported Versions Description
TVWish - Generate/grab a list of the hundreds of top movies you wish to see someday, and arrange for them to be recorded if they are ever on TV. Instead of browsing what movies are on in the next 2 weeks, just pick all your movies at once, and eventually they'll show up. Look for and record the pilot episodes of hundreds of the top TV series of all time, in case you missed them, or want to try them out. And a lot more....
MythExport - MythExport is a script that can be added to MythTV as a User Job and used to export recordings into a format playable on portable devices such as iPod Video, iPod Touch, and PSP. Besides converting your recordings, this script also grabs data from the MythTV MySQL database and injects it as iTunes data into the exported video so that it will show up correctly on your iPod. Now includes RSS feed and daily cleanup functionality.
MythPodcaster 0.21 - 0.23 Transcoder & RSS Publisher for MythTV Recordings. RSS feeds link to FFMpeg-transcoded copies of MythTV recordings. Feeds can be viewed in RSS-capable web browsers and feed aggregators, including iTunes. Pre-configured with single-pass, two-pass, progressive-download, and Apple HTTP Live Streaming transcoding profiles.
IMDB Bulk Updater 0.23 A command line wrapper for mythvideo's This tool can be run interactively or from cron to import new videos and populate them with posters, fanart, and meta data where available. This tool is built into MythDora5 and later. The tool has been using since was replaced in the mythvideo baseline.
nuvexport - Command line script for exporting recordings to a number of formats including DivX, Xvid, DVD, SVCD, NUV+SQL. Easy to use: Select recording and options from numbered lists. (more info: nuvexport website / nuvexport wiki)
nuv2avi - - Command line program for converting MPEG-4 .nuv files to DivX. It does not recode the file, so it is very fast, but noisy recordings will probably have audio sync problems.
Myth Recording Extender (MRE) - PHP5 application that monitors live events that are being recorded and will auto-extend recordings when it's determined the live event is running late. Written with live sports events in mind (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA support included), but not limited to just sports. Requires Myth 0.19+.
MythTV to iPod 0.21 Create iPod compatible videos setting the meta data correctly for your recordings.
mythradiopodcast - Utilities and sample code aimed at using DVB radio recordings with iTunes, iPods and Podcasts.
Mythnuv2mkv - Converts MythTV nuv files to mkv, mp4 or avi files. Can be run as a MythTV User Job or at command line to convert MythTV recordings or stand alone files. The converted recordings can either replace the nuv one or be copied to another location. If this other location is under the MythVideoDir, tmdb will be searched, a MythVideo db entry created and a coverfile file created if one was not available at tmdb.
mythtv-status - Display the status of a local or remote MythTV backend. Can send an email if there is a recording conflict (soon to be extended to other issues). If installing the Debian package then your MOTD will be updated on a regular basis.
mythtv-backend.pcsk - Replacement rc script for mythbackend (/etc/init.d/mythtv-backend.pcsk). Uses Process Creation's Swiss-Army Knife (PCSK) to supervise mythbackend and respawn it if (when) it crashes. Provides more intelligent process checking than the standard rc script. It also utilises mythtv-status, if you have it installed, to give useful info about recording and scheduling as well as process status.
MythAssistant - A graphical utility written in Java to search recordings, see details of recordings, copy single and batches of recordings, and other features for remote access to recorded programs. This should work on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
nuv2disc - No description available
video and converter - gputrans & nuvtools - No description available (includes nuv2avi and nuvscan)
Home automation - Control MythTV with Bluetooth mobile phones, PDAs & Webpads, plus home automation
MythStream - No description available 0.23 Tool to export recordings into MythVideo. Capable of using metadata from listings provider, or grabbing from TheTVDB (through Can be run from the commandline, or as a user job. 0.22 Script launched by udev that automatically inserts, removes, and maintains records of video files on removable media in mythvideo.

Windows Programs

Plugin Supported Versions Description
MythHelper - MythHelper is a Windows application which has been created to aid in the process of transcoding recordings from a MythTV machine. Currently MythHelper will aid in transcoding to both Xvid AVI and DVD MPEG-2 files.
DsMyth  ? - 0.19 A collection of DirectShow filters and applications that enables playback of MythTV files on windows. Allows any directshow compliant media player to handle recordings and livetv. See also Play Recordings On Windows From MythWeb
WinMyth  ? - 0.19 A Windows Frontend for MythTV.
TapeWorm - Tapeworm is a "parasitic" Windows front end for MythTV (v1)
MythTV Player 0.18 - 0.21 A simple player that play recordings directly from the MythTV backend. Future development plans include Live TV and de-interlacing.

Mac Software

Plugin Supported Versions Description
Remote Remote - Remote control a linux frontend from a mac.
MythGrowl - An OS X application that sends Growl notifications when MythTV starts or finishes a recording.


The following plugins need to be updated for the latest MythTV release. Some of these plugins are unavailable but are kept just to keep track of the types of plugins that have been done in the past.

The most recent versions are on top of this list.

Plugin Supported Versions Description
MythKaraoke  ? - 0.19 Listen to Music and sing it.
MythChannels (unavailable) 0.15 A Plugin to configure the Channels.

How to create plugins

You'll find a complete explanation and tutorial about building plugins or converting existing software to a MythTV plugin in the Plugin developer guide.