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I'm also Baylink @ half-a-dozen other wikis, as well as a weblog writer, and one of the editing team for this wiki. I'm also the poor slob who talked Isaac into putting it up, so I guess I've volunteered to port the old pages from David Greaves old wiki.

That didn't work out as well as I would have liked; thanks to Dan Littlejohn and Tyler Drake for diving in. I guess we can say we're officially done now; we just need David to hang a sign on the old site.

Clearly, I was *too* opinionated. I'm no longer performing any such tasks. I, like everyone else, will go long and edit the things I see fit to work on, and others whom Isaac is less likely to shoot at can do policy-looking stuff. I haven't the patience to be shot at for devoting time I *should* be spending on paying work working on the site instead. So ignore everything in the next section. And let's hope you get a replacement about whom "assume I'm not trying to be a jerk" is a reasonable expectation.