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I'm also Baylink @ half-a-dozen other wikis, as well as a weblog writer, and one of the editing team for this wiki. I'm also the poor slob who talked Isaac into putting it up, so I guess I've volunteered to port the old pages from David Greaves old wiki.

That didn't work out as well as I would have liked; thanks to Dan Littlejohn and Tyler Drake for diving in. I guess we can say we're officially done now; we just need David to hang a sign on the old site.

Clearly, I was *too* opinionated. I'm no longer performing any such tasks. I, like everyone else, will go long and edit the things I see fit to work on, and others whom Isaac is less likely to shoot at can do policy-looking stuff. I haven't the patience to be shot at for devoting time I *should* be spending on paying work working on the site instead. So ignore everything in the next section. And let's hope you get a replacement about whom "assume I'm not trying to be a jerk" is a reasonable expectation.

My Editing Practices and Policy

Because I have extensive experience with MediaWiki management (I manage 3 or 4 other sites, and have been an active Wikipeidan for almost 2 years), I like to think that I've acquired a sort of feeling for what makes a wiki work, and so if you are a contributor, and you occasionally feel like I'm following you around tweaking things behind you, don't get too bent out of shape about it. Remember two things: 1) That's The Wiki Way (people will *always* be editing your material; it's not a reflection on your skills or taste), and 2) I have too much free time.  :-) If I've broken something you wrote that you were really fond of, revert it with an appropriate comment, or discuss it on the Talk or my UserTalk page.

Always assume that I'm not trying to be a jerk. At least until you've talked to me about an issue.  :-)

I'm no more official than the site is, but I seem to have become sort of the unofficial editor-in-chief. I'm certainly opinionated enough for it.  :-)

I've built a 2- (the PVR-500 for tuners 3 & 4 is on order) tuner Myth Box for my sister; and we're chasing bugs and recording shows. Call it late-beta so far. 0.18; Chris Kennedy's ivtv patched drivers (currently 0.4.something) on a pair of -250's.

Here's a link to my User Manual project; it has reached the stage where I'm admitting it exists, thanks to yeoman help from JDonavan Stanley, Kevin Kuphal, and a couple other anonymous folk.  :-) One of the non-anonymous folks is Mikec, who has been busting ass on that section this month; thanks much to him.

I've also written a Wiki Quick Start; everything you need to know and a sales pitch on one page.


(These are mostly for my convenience, but feel free to steal them.)


Random: Captain Murdoch's transcode patch is here (and is likely very out of date now)/