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I'm also Baylink @ half-a-dozen other wikis, as well as a weblog writer, and one of the editing team for this wiki. I'm also the poor slob who talked Isaac into putting it up, so I guess I've volunteered to port the old pages from David Greaves old wiki; that didn't work out as well as I would have liked; thanks to Dan Littlejohn and Tyler Drake for diving in. We're almost done.

I'm no more official than the site is, but I seem to have become sort of the unofficial editor-in-chief. I'm certainly opinionated enough for it.  :-)

I've built a 2- (soon to be 3- or 4-) tuner Myth Box for my sister; and we're chasing bugs and recording shows. Call it late-beta so far. 0.18; Chris Kennedy's ivtv patched drivers (currently 0.4.something) on a pair of -250's.

Here's a link to my User Manual project; it has reached the stage where I'm admitting it exists, thanks to yeoman help from JDonavan Stanley, Kevin Kuphal, and a couple other anonymous folk.  :-) My other project is going to be to work the codebase, and tune the logging calls; there's a bunch of stuff I want to know that it won't tell me yet... unless Kevin beats me to it, which looks likely.

I've also written a Wiki Quick Start; everything you need to know and a sales pitch on one page.

Random: Captain Murdoch's transcode patch is here.