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Overview of DVB issues in a format similar to Burndown 0.25, transcribed from the chat log.

Description Reporting Party ETA Done Ticket
Patch - Feature: Support for Unicable (DiSEqC variant) #9726
Patch - Bug Fix: Allow override of network_id for broken DVB-C networks #7486
Patch - Bug Fix: process segmented SDT packets correctly #10054, possibly #8732
Patch - Bug Fix: Linux 3.0 wants explicit modulation system for DVB-S/S2 #10153
Bug Report: The scanner stores the centre frequency for DVB-T instead of the correct offset frequency (read back from card and match to nearest) #9777
Bug Report: channel scan doesn't find transports with hard coded tuning info, but once a NIT is received the transports can be tuned. Likely due to passing parameters as autodetect to devices that don't support it. Seen it on DVB-C, too. Where manually tuning one transport without any automatic guessing is enough to see the transports table with data. #8731
Patch - Bug Fix: attempt to unbreack channels.conf importing to allow using an external channel scanner as a workaround #7701
Bug Report: MythTV does not support the same transport on multiple frequencies (common when receiving DVB-T in the center between multiple regions) The receiver is supposed to pick one. either manually or by choosing the strongest signal
Bug Report: PES Packets and SI Tables are not cleanly seperated #10207