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Remark: My frontend is in german language, so don't worry if the words in this paragraph are not exactly the same as on your screen.

Following worked for me: precondition:

  • working DVB-S card (tested with mplayer, dvbstream, ...)
  • channels.conf from mplayer


  • sux - mythtv (just my way to change the user)
  • run mythtv-setup
  • add dvb-s card, as card type i used: DVB DTV TV-Card (v3.x)
  • as Frontend ID there should be some autodetected text, here it is ST STV0299 DVB-S
  • Don't forget to set DiSEqC, i set to Universal (Europe)
  • For video source i used Transmitted guide only (EIT)
  • point 5 on main page of mythtv-setup is something like configure sender
  • first i searched for senders (its Sendersuchlauf in german)
  • as scantype i used read channels.conf, i used an generated channels.conf for mplayer. Maybe i used scan command from dvb-utils package. It's necessary to tell mythtv which transponders are there
  • as result i got entries like br(512)(dvb-s). Unfortunately they are wrong and i only got a blank screen when i tried to watch using mythfrontend.
  • Next you should delete the found senders.
  • select again scan for senders (Sendersuchlauf)
  • use full scan of all known transponders
  • know mythtv-setup found the correct settings
  • after exit of mythtv-setup, starting of mythbackend and mythfrontend i was able to watch live dvb-s tv.

Please don't hesitate to write me an email with your questions concerning this paragraph. You can use german or english language. My email is public_grueni(_at_) I will try to answere your question and update this paragraph.