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Remark: My frontend is in german language, so don't worry if the words in this paragraph are not exactly the same as on your screen.

Following worked for me: precondition:

  • working DVB-S card (tested with mplayer, dvbstream, ...)
  • channels.conf from mplayer


  • sux - mythtv (just my way to change the user)
  • run mythtv-setup
  • add dvb-s card, as card type i used: DVB DTV TV-Card (v3.x)
  • as Frontend ID there should be some autodetected text, here it is ST STV0299 DVB-S
  • Don't forget to set DiSEqC, i set to Universal (Europe)
  • For video source i used Transmitted guide only (EIT)
  • point 5 on main page of mythtv-setup is something like configure sender
  • first i searched for senders (its Sendersuchlauf in german)
  • as scantype i used read channels.conf, i used an generated channels.conf for mplayer. Maybe i used scan command from dvb-utils package. It's necessary to tell mythtv which transponders are there
  • as result i got entries like br(512)(dvb-s). Unfortunately they are wrong and i only got a blank screen when i tried to watch using mythfrontend.
  • Next you should delete the found senders.
  • select again scan for senders (Sendersuchlauf)
  • use full scan of all known transponders
  • know mythtv-setup found the correct settings
  • after exit of mythtv-setup, starting of mythbackend and mythfrontend i was able to watch live dvb-s tv.

Please don't hesitate to write me an email with your questions concerning this paragraph. You can use german or english language. My email is public_grueni(_at_) I will try to answere your question and update this paragraph.

Multiple dvb different dvb cards

One problem you might encounter is getting the dvb cards you have on the right adapters say dvb-t as dvb-0 and dvb-s as dvb-1 in theory you can make up some udev rule. however the following is quick and easy using lsmod i saw module cx8802 was used once in my system and it was related to my sat card, saa7134_dvb was related to my dvb-t card and possibly some others.

gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

blacklist cx8802

saved the file and rebooted only one dvb card showed up modprobe cx8802 and my dvb-s card was ready.

The next thing was to add the following lines to




The end result dvb-t is loaded first as it adds the saa7134_dvb module and then cx8802.

unfortunately this only works because the drivers are different.

for satellite scanning i added transponders manually 10.719 V 27500 is 3 seperate entrys and would be 10719000 Vertical 27500000 it tunes in htz! best to choose scan fta only.