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(Install New Packages)
(Build new packages)
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=== Build new packages ===
=== Build new packages ===
* Download MythTV portage overlay file from [http://xxx.teppic.homelinux.net/MythTV-0.20-Overlay.tar.bz2 http://xxx.teppic.homelinux.net/MythTV-0.20-Overlay.tar.bz2]
* Add mythtv and mythtv-themes to the packages.unmask file
* Extract into portage overlay
   <pre> echo "media-tv/mythtv" >> /etc/portage/packages.unmask
   <pre> cp MythTV-0.20-Overlay.tar.bz2 /usr/local/portage
   echo "x11-themes/mythtv-themes" >> /etc/portage/packages.unmask</pre>
   cd /usr/local/portage
  tar -xjf MythTV-0.20-Overlay.tar.bz2</pre>
* Build the packages (but don't install yet):
* Build the packages (but don't install yet):
   <pre>emerge -B mythtv</pre>
   <pre>emerge -B mythtv</pre>
  <pre>emerge -B mythtv-themes</pre>
== With MythTV Stopped ==
== With MythTV Stopped ==

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This upgrade was done with minimum downtime and maximum revert-ability in mind. All package building is done BEFORE the point of no return, so if there are any build problems, they will be discovered while the previous version is still running.

While MythTV is still running

Go through these steps while your MythTV system is still working

Back up previous mythtv packages

  • Package up existing mythtv in case you need to revert back:
quickpkg media-tv/mythtv x11-themes/mythtv-themes
  • Package up mythtv plugins (Optional):
quickpkg media-plugins/mythbrowser media-plugins/mythdvd media-plugins/mythgallery media-plugins/mythmusic media-plugins/mythvideo

Build new packages

  • Add mythtv and mythtv-themes to the packages.unmask file
 echo "media-tv/mythtv" >> /etc/portage/packages.unmask
  echo "x11-themes/mythtv-themes" >> /etc/portage/packages.unmask
  • Build the packages (but don't install yet):
emerge -B mythtv
emerge -B mythtv-themes

With MythTV Stopped

This is the point of no return. Make sure you have some time set aside just in case you run into trouble, or if you won't be in trouble if you miss a few recordings.

Install new packages

  • Stop Mythbackend
/etc/init.d/mythbackend stop
  • Back up database:
mysqldump -u mythtv -p mythtv mythconverg > mythconverg-`date +%F`.sql

Note: This wiki entry is in-progress. I don't recommend following it until it is finished