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I currently have a single system setup, a front/back end, for SD/HD use.


Why I chose this system

  • The whole system was very cheap, around £200 ($400).
  • It has quite a small footprint, although much bigger than a set-top-box, it is no way as big as a desktop case.
  • It looks quite stylish, which is always good for the WAF
  • It'll run HD content.


  • The Pundit P3 is a low profile system, as such, you'll need low profile cards. The Nova T 500 is not a low profile card, so you'll have to remove the PCI plate, and have the card lose in the slot (this is not desirable, as the card can easily become de-seated!)
  • I have not yet tested the media card reader, attached to the system. But according to my experience with media card readers and Ubuntu, it probably doesn't work!
  • The system isn't as quiet as I'd like - the stock cooler is quite whiny, and the stock case fan (attached with only 1 screw!) is very loud. Getting a good Scythe fan or two would definitely be recommended.
  • So far Mythbuntu isn't working very well - lots of teething problems, crashes, and general annoyances. Soon to try reinstalling to the non-beta version.

Notes on getting Mythbuntu working properly

A good partition setup is as follows:

  1. 20gb / ext3
  2. 1GB SWAP (make this the same as the installed memory for easy sleep/hibernation)
  3. Rest as /var/lib/ xfs

Mythbuntu uses the incorrect lircrc for the Hauppauge remote, you should copy and paste the one from the Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T 500 PCI page. Save this as ~/.lircrc and make links from this to ~/.mythtv/lircrc and ~/.lircrc/mythtv

In the terminal, setup your channels using tv_grab_uk_rt --configure first, then hopefully, when scanning for channels in mythbackend-setup, the channels will latch onto your xml.

If using wireless, install WICD!, this will enable mythbuntu to silently connect to your wireless network, without nagging you for keyrings, or d/cing after a sleep. To do this; add

#WICD, Wireless network manager
deb hardy extras

to your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

Also perhaps add wine, depending on how you use the machine:

# Wine
deb gutsy main
deb-src gutsy main

It would be a good idea to get mythbuntu to repair the tables on reboot. So far, rebooting is only a result of crashing, which means the tables have crashed, which is a pain in the arse to fix manually, so somehow, we need to integrate this command:

mysqlcheck -u root -p --repair mythconverg