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I recently got a new hard drive and wanted to upgrade my myth installation. The old drive had Fedora 7 installed and was running mythtv .20.2. On the new drive I wanted to install Fedora 12 and mythtv .22 as that was the stable version at the time. This is a rough outline of the steps I followed and any problems I encountered.


Just a few notes on the hardware in this machine that may be relevant

  • 2X Avermedia M179 tuner cards. They are Mpeg2 encoder cards and use the ivtv driver.
  • 1X HDHomeRun on the network. I use this for over-the-air HD.
  • Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS. This is a PCI card that supports VDPAU. My old machine only has AGP and PCI slots, so (I think) this was the only option to get VDPAU

On the old installation

  • Deleted old stuff that I probably would never watch. This was to minimize the amount of data to copy over to the new drive.
  • Downloaded the Database Backup and Restore scripts.
  • ran to backup the database

On the new installation

  • Installed Fedora 12 on the new drive. This went smoothly.
  • Followed most of the instructions here to:
    • enable RPMFusion repositories
    • install mythtv
  • Created the initial database as shown here
  • ran to restore the database as it was previously backed up
  • ran mythtvsetup. This prompted me to upgrade the database. It upgraded from schema version 1160 to 1244. Wow was I out of date or what!

Other notes

  • Initially the sound didn't work. On pages 4 and 5 of the "General" settings I set the "Audio output device" and "Mixer Device" to "ALSA:default", and set the "Mixer Controls" to "Master".
  • In "TV Settings -> Playback" I set the Video Playback Profile to "VDPAU Normal".