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About Me

I currently work as a Broadcast Systems Engineer for the BBC in Television Centre, London. In my spare time I throw myself down hills on a mountain bike, down caves on a rope and other silly pursuits...

Involved with various IPTV projects and DVB multiplexing for the UK as well as European satellite operations.

MythTV Boxes

Combined Front/Backend - Galahad

  • Athlon64 3200+
  • 512MB DDR RAM
  • 320Gb Seagate Barracude SATA HDD (/ - ext3; /store - xfs)
  • nVidia 6150 on-board (Component, DVI, Composite Out)
  • 1x KWorld DVB-220RF Hybrid PCI (DVB-T/Analog/FM - Saa7134 chipset)
  • 1x Kworld DVBS-100 PCI (DVB-S - CX88 chipset, currently unused since no access to satellite feed)
  • Ubuntu Feisty with customised MythTV packages built from SVN head
  • IRMan serial infra-red receiver (to be replaced with a UIRT2 when I build one)

Other systems on my network run a frontend which connects to Galahad as and when required.


Patches I'm Using

  • [1] Alsa input for analog capture
  • [2] Mythfrontend rescales themes every startup
  • [3] osd channel icon not rescaled on osd theme change
  • [4] Autodiscovery Patch for MythFrontend
  • [5] Allow mythtv-setup to use the downloadable icons from the new online database

Patches I want to test/apply

  • [6] Avoid OSD resize from 4:3 when viewing 16:9 TV