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Hi I'm ntsecrets. My wife knows mythtv as that thing that keeps me up late at night on rare occasions. I have:

  • Shuttle SD30G2B
  • Kworld ATSC tuner 115 (ATSC Antenna)
  • HD Homerun (more ATSC Antenna)
  • Motorola DCH3200 supplied by RCN via Firewire
  • NVidia Graphics card (some MSI generic)
  • Crystal Fontz LCD Display
  • Running Knoppmyth with MythTV .21

I also have a MSI Media LIVE as a remote front end and yes the VFD works with myth and it suspends and resumes on command.

I hope that RCN doesn't enable 5c on their channels, I get great digital recordings and the price is pretty reasonable. Most of my content comes through the firewire port.