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== Frontend 2 (On demand) ==
== Frontend 2 (On demand) ==
AMD XP 2400 <br/>
AMD XP 2400+<br/>
768MB Ram<br/>
768MB Ram<br/>
80 GB HD<br/>
80 GB HD<br/>
19" Monitor<br/>
19" Monitor<br/>
Debian Sid<br/>
Debian Sid<br/>
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Backend Setup

Celeron 533MHz
384MB Ram
2 * Small System Drives
1 * 200GB Myth Drive
1 * AvertTV A771 DVB-T (Working)
1 * AvertTV ???? DVB-T (Not Working)
Debian Sid

Frontend 1 (Permanent)

Xbox v1.1 (Soft-modded) with original 10GB HD
Advanced AV Pack (For digital sound)
Standard SDTV Television
Xebian (1.1?)

Frontend 2 (On demand)

AMD XP 2400+
768MB Ram
80 GB HD
19" Monitor
Debian Sid