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*[http://www.gentoo.org Gentoo Linux]
*[http://www.gentoo.org Gentoo Linux]
*[http://www.mythtv.org MythTV] 0.21
*[http://www.mythtv.org MythTV] 0.22

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I currently own the following:



Most of my stuff shipped on November 14, 2006. I started doing the basic installation on November 16th. My initial bootup attempt was to boot from a flash memory stick, since I have no DVD nor floppy to boot from. Setting up a LiveUSB media stick was a huge challenge.

I started off with SureWest Broadband but found that they used an Amino AmiNET110 box, which is an IPTV box. For HDTV, you only get composite outputs, no digital signal. Back in 2006, support for IPTV was really limited, so I switched to Comcast Cable. They are use a Motorola DCT-6200 Cable Box with firewire support that's been in mythtv forever. This worked really well for almost two years. (Of course, Comcast dug a trench on the day after Thanksgiving, cutting my Surewest fiber and leaving me without internet access for days, but that's another story).

In June of 2008, I decided to investigate the IPTV support for Surewest. It's clear their DVR is lacking but their signal is awesome. I spent some time in early June sniffing their network and checking what was going on. The net result was the SureWest IPTV doc.