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I currently own the following:



Most of my stuff shipped on November 14, 2006. I started doing the basic installation on November 16th. My initial bootup attempt was to boot from a flash memory stick, since I have no DVD nor floppy to boot from. Setting up a LiveUSB media stick was a huge challenge.

Service Providers

I started off with SureWest Broadband but found that they used an Amino AmiNET110 box, which does not provide a digital signal, and it's not practical to convert this to a digital signal for recording. The CABLE OUT side doesn't produce HDTV. So, I ordered Comcast Cable and I'm anxiously awaiting installation. They are using a Motorola DCT-6200 Cable Box with firewire support. I intend to use the capture card to capture the unencoded digital signals, and use the firewire port to catch the rest.

I ordered Comcast, and they dug a trench on the day after Thanksgiving, cutting my Surewest fiber and leaving me without service for days. Wish me luck on getting a refund.


My pcHDTV card doesn't seem to work properly with any NTSB OTA signals. HDTV works fine. Looks like I need to use a IR blaster and grab the standard AV output of the SureWest box. Not sure what to do about HD yet.