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*Ubuntu Gutsy
*Ubuntu Gutsy
*MythTV 20.2
*MythTV 0.20.2

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SQL queries

  • Show episode list and episode numbers for a given show (or shows with similar names). This is useful so you don't have to press 'u' for every item in the frontend; mythweb only shows episode numbers for shows that have yet to be recorded.
select syndicatedepisodenumber as epnum,title,subtitle from recordedprogram where title like "%<SHOW_NAME_OR_FRAGMENT>%" order by title,syndicatedepisodenumber;

Mythtv setup

For the longest time, I used a 400MHz machine I found abandoned outside as a mythtv backend, but in fall 2007 I assembled a linux box as a combined backend/frontend and general use machine.


  • Gigabyte Motherboard (GA-M61P-S3 GF6100 AM2)
  • AMD 5600 X2 (2.8 GHz)
  • 500 GB SATA HDD
  • 2 GB OCZ RAM (OCZ2RPR8002GK R)
  • (2) Avermedia 180 tuners
  • Motorola 6200 cable box (renting)

Currently there are three optical drives attached, but I mainly use a cheap IDE drive I found on clearance at Staples.


  • Ubuntu Gutsy
  • MythTV 0.20.2