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Simon lives in Dublin, Ireland.

He has a master backend and a slave backend/frontend in his sittingroom (under the TV).

The master backend is a AMD64x2 6000 with a Hauppauge PVR-350 connected to a ariel and a Sky Digibox (wth S-Video) and a TT-1500 connected to Astra 28.2E. The slave backend is an Intel Pentium-M 1.86GHz with a Huappauge PVR-350's connected to an ariel and a Sky Digibox (with S-Video).

The slave backend is also a frontend and it is connected to an Hitachi 42" plasma using DVI and a Onkyo TX-SR705 using SP/DIF optical.

My laptop runs as a frontend, as does another AMD64 in my bedroom.

I am about to do some major renovation in the house and will be replacing my aging Zone 2 Sky dish and and 5/16 multiswitch with a toroidal dish and a 17/24 multiswitch (well not actually a 17/24 but more of 2x 17/8 cascade switches [Vialuna SMS1708] and a 17/8 multiswitch [Vialuna SMK1708])

So, as you can see from the above, Simon has a very understanding wife!