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I started playing around with MythTV about year ago. I was looking for a better solution then my dual TiVO setup. The biggest problem with the TiVO was the dealing with recording two shows at once. I tried two TiVOs, but the show you wanted to watch was always on the other TiVO and moving shows from TiVO to TiVO is very slow. It wasn't the solution I wanted.


My MythTV server runs the backend and frontend. The output from the video card is feed into a TV modulator which broadcasts in the house on channel 75. IR control is feed via IR over Coax converts at each TV. The computer also does doulbe duty as my home file server and MySQL database.

  • Software
    • Gentoo 2005.0
    • Linux Kernel 2.6.13
    • MythTV 0.18.1
    • IVTV Drive: 0.4.0-r3
    • nVidia Driver: 1.0.7676-r1

More Info

The PVR-250 is feed driectly from my cable box (S-Video) which is controlled via an IR blaster on the PVR-150. The PVR-150 receives a standard cable feed, so I can't record HBO on the card, but MythTV is very good at sorting that out for me.

Future Plans

  • Add another PVR-250 (Not really happy with the PVR-150)
  • Build some thin client frontend, to get some better sound