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system still is very ungood but usable.

i started a tvpc project because i was upset with some features and failures of SRP 2410 i got before.

however the SRP is still what i would recommend for those who want an alternative to mythtv (since setting mythtv up is a b**ch)


  • 1 satelite:Quad:digital dvb-s
    • cables up to 25m
  • low duty lan/wlan network: 50% offline (power saving)
  • 2lcd hd-tvs with hdmi and pc inputs (of course at two different sites)
    • samsung lexxc750
    • toshiba xxSL733G (recommend)

the aim (simple rules for target systems):

  • record all what i like
  • make it cheap
  • try to use less power
  • no mythtv sourcecode modification(i dont want to go down that road yet)
  • my folks have to be able to use it too (almost an impossible mission)
  • most recently Master-to-Master recording replication network access (have no idea how to call that in fact i would only use nfs and m2m delayed replication)

the computers:

"old 2003" P4 shuttle pc new life for mythtv

    • 500gb hdd
    • nv gf fx5600
    • 1gb ram dc
    • wlan dwl-g122
    • Technisat SkyStar 2 DVB-S PCI (recommend : worked PLUG AND PLAY on recent mythbuntu and is cheap , the included ir-remote/receiver is usb but not so good )
    • tiny RADIO remote keyboard (cant recommend that one but generally ... have not more than 3m distance on wireless keyboards to the receiver)
    • powerconsumption between 80 and 100 W

"new" one

    • MSTECH MC-200 (cant recommend however it was cheap 30€ and has an ir receiver)
    • H55 biostar (95% working s5 wakeup 100€ )
    • core i3 including graphics ( 100€ cant recommend, ion and atom would have been better)
    • tbs-6981 (divers have to be rebuild after every kernel update, dont know if there is an alternative twin available 150€ cant recommend)
    • hdd 1tb (950gb XFS, 50GB ext4 )
    • powerconsumption between 50 and 70 W
    • logitech harmony 600 (recommend 60€)

setup and customizations

  • generally an ubuntu
  • mythtv ... later repository from mythbuntu
  • backend and frontend on same machine for independent use
  • irxevent
    • remapping the MCE-remote-codes of the ir receiver
    • mythtv cant distinguish between caps and non caps and certain metakey combinations
    • it helps with dpms too
  • xautolock -time 10 -locker script -noclose
    • script
      • that script should check the database
      • and only if it is not running
      • killall mythfrontend
  • DPMS for auto tv shutdown (my stupid tv says no signal at that ... however minutes later it shuts down)
    • recently it appears this creates a problem with hddecoder (so i disabled it)
  • harmony 600 remote
  • master-A 2 master-B doubelling
    • watch on master B what master A has recorded ... (if network and master A are running )
    • this addresses the standalone system versus coupled system problematic ...
    • still there are a few drawbacks ... since nfs was used premature loss of network can cause a problem
      • i tried to add the other backend data as slave backend data but it did not succeed yet

installed Version

MythTV Version   : v0.24.1-1-g347cd24
MythTV Branch    : fixes/0.24
Network Protocol : 63
Library API      : 0.24.20110505-1


  • master2master needs to be made better
  • kill mythfrontend when it hangs automatically (that will involve to process the log and act on certain conditions)
  • kill backend in the same way when it "hangs" (things like "all inputs are busy" while no recording is done)
  • check if it is recording as planed or kill/restart it (sometimes an recording doesnt start even though its scheduled and backend is accessible )
  • create a watchdog board (watch if the system is running correctly or if it is not starting when required ... later maybe display and CEC support )
  • make it use S3 instead of S5 (currently the hardware and drivers dont allow s3 to be used effectively)
  • remotely start the system (switch on)
  • HDMI-CEC switch off after some time (this requires to tap into the hdmi cable either directly or by extender)
  • creating scripts for proactive show scanning and recording based on the recording i made before (tivolike)

UFO problems: errors i dont know why exists and how to fix

  • for some reason watching tv and switching chanel doesnt work, frontend hangs (didnt check the log yet)
    • well apparently it had to do with a setting (BrowseAllTuners in tv-osd)

other problems and "personal wishlist"

  • general tiny preview everywhere in the menue would be good (its a receiver mainly ... see commercial products)
  • enable zapping (direct video feeding when channel switching)
  • default audio language/track (MP2 instead of AC3)
  • switch tuner when watching tv and target channel is not on that bonquet
  • make menue structure configurable (completely) maybe 2 menue-structures one simple and one full
  • resume interrupted recordings also if later is available (record the later too of course if possible).

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