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10 PRINT "Hello, world!" 20 GOTO 10 30 GOTO 20

Email: MailTo(pcjabber AT gmail DOT com)

About Me

My name is Tyler Drake. I am a member of the AdminGroup on this wiki. I have been a user of MythTV since just after 0.8 release. I am a 15-year-old junior in high school in North Carolina. I try to help with development of the project in any way I can (see QUALIFICATIONS below), but as I am a high-school student, I cannot devote full time to this project =)

Enjoy! --Tyler


Coming soon.


I am currently working on these projects:BR DHMC - Digital Home Media Center - a commercial project involving MythTV. Not off the ground yet. Similar to Development One's Home Media Centre box, but to be configured, sold and supported in the USA.


Coming soon.



Test: [[Talk:Front Page]]