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Email: MailTo(pcjabber AT gmail DOT com)


My name is Tyler Drake. I am a member of the AdminGroup on this wiki. I have been a user of MythTV since just after 0.8 release. I am a 14-year-old (I'll be 15 on 7 Apr 05) sophomore in high school in North Carolina. I try to help with development of the project in any way I can (see QUALIFICATIONS below), but as I am a high-school student, I cannot devote full time to this project =)

Enjoy! --Tyler


Coming soon.


I am currently working on these projects:BR DHMC - Digital Home Media Center - a commercial project involving MythTV. Not off the ground yet. Similar to Development One's Home Media Centre box, but to be configured, sold and supported in the USA.


Coming soon.


It was quite different then. Myth has evolved a lot. I have seen many new modules be added -- MythWeb (changed authors and the version we are now used to was called mythweb2 for a little while ;-)), MythNews, MythBrowser, MythPhone, MythRadio (not an official module yet), MythDVD. So, a lot of Myth wasn't there when I first started using it.


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