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About Ver

Ver is a MythTV ethusiast and hacker from Canada.

About Ver's MythBox


  • ATI Radeon X300 (PCI-E)
  • AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 4000+
  • 1GB RAM (667MHz)
  • 1.5TB Recordings Storage


  • Ubuntu: Karmic
  • Linux:
  • Xorg: 2:1.5.2-2ubuntu3.1
  • Lirc: 0.8.7-CVS
  • MythTV: 22982M
  • MythTV Library: 0.23.20091208-1
  • Qt: 4.4.3


Remote Controls

  • 2 x Hauppauge IR Remotes (via Hauppauge HVR-1600 + lirc + ir-kbd-i2c)
  • 1 x MythWeb Remote (via EeePC running Android)
  • 1 x iPhone (via MyMote + wifi)


I have a somewhat stupid setup don't I? Well, I use what I have available. Here's what it looks like, note the messy coaxial cabling at the rear...

Currently, I'm running a self-patched version of the subversion trunk MythTV code.

The patches I've applied are to fix the HVR-1600 from losing analogue frequency synch (particularly, to avoid the screen from going to static after an arbitrary number of channel changes), and a simple patch to extend the short timeout to give my HVR950Q time to "wake up" (or specifically to load its firmware from the OS).

I've dropped the FGLRX drivers on this system recently in favour of the open-source 'radeon' driver which, with a little tweaking, works fine on my s-video connection. Right now I'm trying to figure out why it sometimes displays black pixels where pure white pixels should be... In any case, OpenGL rendering seems to work flawlessly. (I like the smooth screen transitions!)

Additionally, I have a user job which transcodes my recordings automatically to iPod/iPhone format, which I can later view over an HTML/HTTP based mythtv viewer program I found on the internet. It is impressive, actually, seeking and playback work flawlessly.

I also have a MediaMVP which came with a remote. It looks identical to the HVR1600 remote, and I quickly realised .. it IS identical. So now I have two remotes in the TV room, and grab whichever is closest, hah. (My excitement for the MediaMVP faded as soon as I realised it was a piece of crap.)


My Radeon X300 is displaying black pixels where pure-white pixels should be, and I've tried setting the VideoKey option in my xorg.conf to various values with no luck so far, so it seems unrelated to that.

For now, I'm attempting to patch the lirc_pvr150 code to work with the new I2C API within the Linux kernel, since it was modified (somewhat-)recently to accommodate hotplugging of I2C devices. If/when I succeed, my blaster should in theory work, allowing me to control my television and sound system!

If you have anything that could help me with the above issues, please let me know on my discussion tab!