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This is a page I am using to document setting up Mythbuntu 8.04

  1. Install mythbuntu from live CD
  2. Database
    1. restore database backup
    2. drop upnp table that is preventing database from upgrading successfully
    3. upgrade database using mythtv-setup
  3. Fix permissions on /myth directories
  4. Build and install packages
    • Apply User:Zavex/patches to source packages from apt
    • time dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc -b
    • install patched packages
  5. update sudoers file
    • add line
      %mythtv ALL=(root)NOPASSWD:/myth/scripts/,/sbin/halt,/usr/sbin/ntpdate,/etc/init.d/mythtv-backend,/usr/bin/ionice,/sbin/shutdown,/myth/scripts/
  6. Fix startup and shutdown ACPI_Wakeup (now here
    • Fix hwclock update for fussy bios, modify /etc/init.d/
  7. update lircrc file
    • star and hash buttons
  8. modify /etc/mythtv/sessions to configure mythwelcome to start
    • MYTHWELCOME=true
  9. disable powerbutton edit /etc/acpi/
  10. enable WOL ([1])
  11. set backend to run with realtime ionice priority
  12. enable hdhomerun to be found on startup
    • disable ubuntu roaming mode on the wired network so the network starts on boot and mythbackend can find hdhomerun
    • Modify /etc/init/mythtv-backend adding following during start section

n=1 while [ "$(hdhomerun_config discover)" = "no devices found" -a $n -lt 30 ] do

  echo "hdhomerun not found, retry $n"
  sleep 1