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'''1 - Introduction'''
*[[User Manual:About | About this manual]] &mdash; how to work with this manual
*[[User Manual:About#Reading_suggestions | Reading suggestions]] &mdash; How to use this manual efficiently
*[[User Manual:Introduction|About MythTV]] &mdash; an introduction to MythTV
'''2 - Downloading and Installing MythTV'''
*[[User Manual:Setting Up|Setting Up]] &mdash; connecting it to the outside world
*[[User Manual:Initial Installation|Initial Installation]] &mdash; installing and setting up the software
'''3 - Configuring MythTV '''
*[[User Manual:MythTV structure | MythTV structure]] - about the structure of MythTV
*[[User Manual:Detailed configuration Backend|Backend configuration]] &mdash; More about the backend options
*[[User Manual:Detailed configuration Frontend|Detailed configuration Frontend]] &mdash; detailed walkthrough of the MythTV Frontend options
*[[User Manual:Plugins and Addons | Plugins and Addons]] &mdash; extend your MythBox with plugins and add-ons
'''4 - Capture devices'''
*[[User Manual:DVB| About DVB]]
*[[User Manual:Setting up capture devices| Setting up capture devices in general]]
* [[User Manual:Setting up DVB-S for satellite | Setting up DVB-S (satellite)]]
* [[User Manual:Setting up DVB-C (cable) | Setting up DVB-C (cable)]]
* [[User Manual:Setting up DVB-T (terrestrial) | Setting up DVB-T (terrestrial)]]
* [[User Manual:Setting up ATSC | Setting up ATSC]]
* [[User Manual:Setting up IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) | Setting up IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)]]
'''5 - Using MythTV'''
*[[User Manual:Daily Use|Daily Use]] &mdash; day-to-day actual operation
*[[User Manual:Diagnosing Problems|Diagnosing Problems]] &mdash; what to do if it breaks
*[[User Manual:Regression Testing|Regression Testing]] &mdash; making sure it still works correctly after any changes
*[[User Manual:Periodic Maintenance|Periodic Maintenance]] &mdash; keeping your MythBox running properly
*[[User Manual:Technical Details|Technical Details]] &mdash; what's going on under the hood
'''6 - Advanced'''
*[[User Manual:Appendix | Appendix]] &mdash; More topics, common tasks and troubleshooting
*[[User Manual: Capture device utilities | Capture device utilities]]
'''7 - More'''
*[[User Manual:Editing the user manual | About editing this user manual]]  notes about working on the user manual
*[[User Manual:Todo | What still needs to be done in this manual]]
==Table of Contents==
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[[Category:Knowledge Base]]

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