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MythTV Users Manual

This manual will attempt to describe MythTV in not especially technical terms, in an attempt to make it easier to use for a wider audience.

To date (Sep-04, v0.16), Myth, being a early stage project, is still often a bit difficult to figure out -- it's not an 'appliance' yet. Given its origin, and its expandability and power, there's some question as to whether it ever will quite be an appliance... but this is the price one pays for having much more power and flexibility than a commercially purchased box like a TiVo or ReplayTV based unit.

Like the program itself, this manual is being produced by the community -- the people who create and use the system -- so it's tone and depth of detail may vary in spots. It my hope to be able to even out those hills and valleys a bit in the editing process without offending the people. I've also tried, before releasing this section for general consumption, and with the help of JDonavan, to get some framework in place to serve as an example for later writers; a certain amount of structural coherence is a wonderful thing, and hopefully, folks will feel that my approach is comprehensible, rather than compost.  :-)

And so, on with the fun... :-)