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     <!--End setup-->
     <!--End setup-->
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Outline of mythtv menus

The listing below gives a summary of the items accessible from the main menu in mythfrontend, v0.18.1. (Incomplete)

These will become hot links to detailed pages on all the options and configurations.

  • Watch TV
  • Media Library
    • Watch Recordings
    • Watch Videos
    • Listen to Music
    • Image Gallery
    • Play Games
  • Manage Recordings
    • Schedule recordings
      • Guide
      • Finder
      • Search
      • Lists
      • Custom record
      • Man. Sched.
    • Set priorities
    • Upcoming recordings
    • Delete recordings
    • Previously recorded
  • Information Center
    • News feeds
    • Weather
    • Web
    • System status
  • Optical disks
  • Phone
  • Utilities/Setup
    • Music tools
      • Play Music
      • Select Music
      • Import CD
      • Scan for new music
    • Video manager
    • Setup
      • General
        • Database 1/2
          • Hostname
          • Database
          • User
          • Password
          • Database type
        • Database 2/2
          • Use Custom Identifier for Frontend Preference
          • Use Wake-on-LAN to Wake Database
        • Audio
          • Audio output device
          • Select mixer device Master | PCM (selects device that myth volume controls affect)
          • Master mixer volume 0-100 (selects volume level)
          • PCM volume 0-100 (selects volume level)
        • General
          • System Exit Key
          • Confirm Exit (Checkbox)
          • Halt Command
          • Keypress Command
          • Use Arrow Key Accelerators
        • General
          • Require setup PIN
          • Setup PIN Code
          • Monitor CD/DVD
          • Enable X-box Hardware
        • Myth database logging
        • Mythfilldatabase
      • Appearance
        • Theme
          • Theme
          • Qt style
          • Font size
          • Use random theme (Checkbox)
          • Menu theme
        • Screen settings
          • GUI width (width in pixels of window that myth uses)
          • GUI height (height in pixels of window that myth uses)
          • X offset (offset in pixels from top edge of screen of window)
          • Y offset (horizontal offset in pixels from left edge of screen)
        • Video Mode Settings
        • Localization
        • QT
        • LCD device display
    • TV settings
      • General
      • Program Guide
      • Playback
        • General playback
          • Deinterlace playback
          • Custom Filters:
          • Use libmpeg2 for decoding
          • Enable realtiem priority threads
          • Use video as timebase
          • Extra audio buffering
          • Aspect override
          • PIP video location
        • General playback (part 2)
          • ?
        • View recordings
        • View recordings (Recording Groups)
        • Hardware decoding settings
          • Use the PVR-350's TV out/MPEG decoder
          • Video device for the PVR-350 MPEG decoder
          • Program Guide Alpha:
          • Enable OpenGL vertical sync for timing
          • Use hardware XvMC MPEG Decoding
          • Use HW XVMC VLD Decoding (Via only)

        • Seeking
        • Commercial Skip
        • Overscan
          • Vertical over/underscan
          • Horizontal over/underscan
          • Scan displacement (X)
          • Scan displacement (Y)
        • On-screen display
      • Recording Profiles
      • Recording Priorities
    • Media settings
    • Info center settings
    • Phone settings