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This page is up-to-date to MythTV version 0.20, the current release is 32.0

MythTV has a plug-in architecture which makes it easier for programmers to write extension modules. The modules take advantage of the infrastructure which Myth creates, and the interface routines it includes, to use the TV and remote to do other related 'convergence-y' type tasks for the user.

Information on installing here:

If you're using MythBuntu (or presumably any Debian- or Ubuntu-based version), you can install the official plugins with "sudo apt-get install mythplugins".

Official plugins

Official plugins are maintained by the MythTV developers themselves and therefore always compatible with the latest versions of MythTV.

A minibrowser for the World Wide Web--not for use as your main browser, but useful -- if your MythBox is connected to the Internet.
Create DVDs from your recorded shows, MythVideo files, and any video files on your system.
A photo gallery/screen saver module; shows libraries of still pictures.
MythGame interfaces to several videogame emulator programs, to turn your box into a classic arcade game machine.
Allows to see which cinemas run which movies and the other way round.
Play music, create playlists and random shuffling and suchlike.
Monitors RSS newsfeeds from internet websites, displaying updates on the screen.
Play stored video content other than TV recordings, including ripped DVD's and downloaded video clips. DVD Ripping and playback.
A one-stop personalized weather station. By downloading information from the Internet you can display current conditions, RADAR maps, and forecasts for your specific area.
A web frontend for Myth installations allowing you to set up recordings remotely using an ordinary web browser.

Unofficial Plugins

To extend your MythTV setup even further, you might be interested in the large number of Unofficial Plugins made available by other users, companies and developers who like to contribute to MythTV.